Curtis Low Profile Tea Brewer Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

The Curtis G3 Brewer is factory pre-set and ready to go... Right from the box. Follow the instructions below to see factory settings for your new G3 Iced Tea Brewer

Product Resource Details

Important Safeguards

This appliance is designed for commercial use. Any servicing other than cleaning and preventative maintenance should be performed by an authorized Wilbur Curtis service technician.

Setup Steps

The unit should be level (left to right and front to back), and located on a secure counter top. Connect a water line from the water filter to the brewer.

  • A 1/4" Flare has been supplied for water line collection. Use tubing sized sufficiently to provide 1/2 GPM (preferred flow rate is 1 GPM).
  • Connect the unit to an appropriate electrical power circuit
  • Turn on the toggle (STANDBY/ON) switch behind the unit. The heating tank will start to fill. When the water level in the tank rises to the correct volume, the heating element will energize automatically. With G3 Tea Brewers there is no danger of element burnout caused by an empty tank.
  • The heating tank will require 20 to 30 minutes to reach operating temperature as indicated by the READY-TO-BREW LCD readout
  • Important: Run one full brew cycle, to purge the water lines and valves of air. Five seconds of dilution water at the beginning of each brew cycle is normal pre-programmed operating behavior.