DeLonghi BCO264B Combo Brewer Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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How to use and maintain the De'Longhi drip coffee/espresso combination machine:

Setting up:
- Insert charcoal filter if using
- Fill drip and espresso water tanks
- Set clock and auto on time if desired

Drip coffee:
1. Fill drip water tank
2. Insert filter and ground coffee
3. Set flavor selector
4. Press ON/OFF button or AUTO button for programmed start
5. Coffee brews into carafe on keep warm plate

1. Fill espresso water tank
2. Preheat unit for 30 min with filter holder attached
3. Add ground coffee to filter, tamp down
4. Attach filter holder, place cup under spout
5. Turn selector to espresso position, brew until desired amount
6. Remove filter holder, dispose of grounds

1. Make espresso first
2. Steam milk using steam wand
3. Pour steamed milk into espresso

- Clean filter holders and drip trays regularly
- Descale both drip and espresso units periodically following instructions
- Clean espresso brew head every 300 cups

- Refer to troubleshooting guide for solutions to common problems like slow brewing, acidic taste, no coffee dispensing, leaks, etc.

Other key points:
- Use cold, filtered water
- Adjust grind size if espresso extraction is too fast/slow
- Clean cappuccino frother thoroughly after each use
- Never immerse main unit in water


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