DeLonghi DC50 Coffee Maker Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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  1. 2-HOUR AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF:(DC50T Series Only) For safety, this coffee maker is equipped with an auto shut-off feature. The coffee maker shuts off automatically 2 hours after the brewing cycle is completed. To restart the coffee maker, simply press the ON-OFF / TIMER button twice and the ON/OFF light will illuminate.
  2. PAUSE ‘N SERVE: Allows you to interrupt the brewing cycle and pour a cup of coffee before the entire carafe is finished brewing. To restart the brewing process, return the carafe to warming plate and coffee will automatically begin flowing through filter basket. Make sure carafe is placed all the way on the warming plate. CAUTION: Do not remove carafe for longer than 30 seconds or the filter basket will overflow.
  3. CLOCK / TIMER DIGITAL DISPLAY:(DC50T Series Only) The 24-hour digital clock, built into the control panel of the coffee maker, will keep the correct time even after the unit has been shut off. Timer can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance to automatically begin coffee flowing through the filter basket. Make sure carafe is placed all the way on the warming plate.
  4. SEALED CARAFE: Carafe lip and lid seal help to preserve coffee’s natural flavor and temperature by preventing excessive evaporation.
  5. EASY POUR CARAFE: Uniquely designed carafe with all-around lip and traditional pour spout allow you to conveniently pour from any side. Cup markings on each side of the handle make it easier to measure the water level when filling the carafe.
  6. NON-STICK WARMING PLATE: Makes cleanup quick and easy.
  7. CORD STORAGE: Hidden cord storage allows you to hide excess cord for a neat appearance and for easy storage.
  8. FILTER BASKET WITH HANDLE: Cone shaped filter basket enriches flavor and prevents bitter taste. A permanent, washable filter is included.


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