DeLonghi DCF210TTC Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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  • After removing the packaging, make sure the product is complete and in perfect condition. If in doubt, do not use the appliance and contact qualified De’Longhi personnel only.
  • The packing elements (plastic bags, Styrofoam, etc.) should be kept out of the reach of children, as they are safety hazards.
  • Place the appliance on a firm level surface far from water faucets, sinks, and heat sources.
  • When positioning the appliance on the counter, make sure to leave a space of at least 2 in. (5 cm) between the appliance and the walls or objects beside and behind it, and at least 8 in. (20 cm) above it.
  • Never install the appliance in a room where the temperature may reach 32°F (0°C) or lower (the appliance may be damaged if the water freezes).
  • Check that the voltage of the electrical mains corresponds to the voltage shown on the appliance rating plate. Connect the appliance only to an efficiently grounded outlet with a minimum rating of 10A only. The manufacturer may not be considered liable for possible incidents caused by failure to adequately ground the outlet.
  • If the power socket does not match the plug on the appliance, have the socket replaced with a suitable type by a qualified electrician.
  • The power cord on this appliance must not be replaced by the user, as this operation requires the use of special tools. If the cable is damaged or needs to be replaced, contact an authorized De’Longhi service center only in order to avoid all risks.


MPORTANT: When using the appliance for the first time, all the accessories and the internal circuits must be washed making at least two carafes using only water, without any ground coffee.

  • Open the frontal door by pulling the handle and, by using the provided carafe, pour fresh water into the water compartment up to the level corresponding to the number of cups you want to make (fig. 2): check the water level viewer and it is suggested to use the provided carafe as the measure, as the maximum volume of the carafe corresponds to those of the water tank (fig. 3).
  • Position the permanent filter (if provided) or paper filter in the filter holder (fig. 4).
  • Place the ground coffee in the filter using the measuring spoon supplied and level evenly (fig. 5). Please refer to chart 1 for the recommended quantities. Use good quality medium grind coffee for drip coffee machines.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America recommends adding 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water. So, if you want to follow this standard, please refer to chart 2. Please note that coffee brewed following SCAA's recommendation is exceptionally 6 strong.

The quantities given in the tables are indicative only and must be adjusted according to personal taste and the quality of the coffee. To avoid coffee overflow, never exceed the maximum quantity of 15 measuring spoons.

The quality of coffee you use can affect the taste of your coffee. We suggest trying different brands of coffee to find the one most suitable to your taste.

  • Models with glass carafe: close the frontal door and place the closed glass carafe on the non stick warming plate (fig. 6). Models with thermal carafe: Before placing the carafe on the plate, make sure the lid is closed (fig. 7).
  • Models with electronic control panel: you can enhance the flavor of your coffee by pressing the AROMA button. This feature activates a unique brewing process, slowly releasing water into the filter basket; saturating coffee grounds a little at a time extracting the best flavor and aroma from your coffee. To activate, press the AROMA button; the light above the button will illuminate. Press the button again to turn the selection off. It is recommended to use the aroma button if not brewing a whole carafe of coffee. Press the ON/AUTO/OFF button (fig. 8). The red light indicates that the coffee maker is in operation and the display shows “BREW”.
  • Models with single switch: Press the "ON/OFF” switch (fig. 9). The indicator light on the switch indicates that the coffee maker is in operation.
  • The coffee will begin to emerge after a few seconds. It is completely normal for the appliance to release a little steam while the coffee is brewing.
  • In models with glass carafe, if you leave the appliance switched on after brewing is finished, the non-stick warming plate will keep the coffee at the ideal temperature. The unit automatically shuts off after two hours.
  • Models with thermal carafe: To pour the coffee, turn the lid to the position shown in (fig. 10). To completely remove the lid from the carafe, turn it to the position shown in (fig. 11). The appliance switches automatically off after brewing cycle.

Important: Removing the carafe before the machine has finished producing the coffee does not interrupt the brewing process, but simply stops the flow of coffee into the carafe. If you want to pour out a little coffee before brewing is completed, do so as quickly as possible to avoid coffee overflow.


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