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Introducing the exclusive world of espresso through the global leaders, De’Longhi. Based in Treviso, Italy, we grew up appreciating the taste and aroma of a good cup of coffee. Discover the barista brewing inside you: now you can make authentic espressos, lattes and cappuccinos to suit your taste, in the comfort of your kitchen. Enjoy!

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Recommendations for producing a better espresso:

1. Use freshly ground espresso.

2. Store coffee beans in a cool, dark and dry container. Vacuum sealed if possible.

3. Pre-heat your espresso and cappuccino cups using the cup warmer storage on the top of the machine.

4. Ensure your first coffee is the ideal temperature by pre-warming the filter / filter holder before making coffee. Simply fit the filter / filter holder (without coffee) into the machine and place a cup underneath. Select the single cup option and ‘purge’ the machine allowing hot water to pass through the filter into the cup.

5. Use one level scoop of freshly ground coffee for best results. This is roughly 7 grams.

6. Tamping the coffee is recommended to produce an even compact bed of coffee for brewing.

7. Tamping is important as applying too little pressure will cause the coffee to be weak (under extracted) and applying too much pressure may result in thick, burnt coffee (over extracted).

8. Grind size can affect the brew strength. If coffee is ground too coarse, then coffee will flow too quickly and be weak (under extracted). Coffee that is ground too fine will flow slowly and may be thick or burnt (over extracted).

9. Remove any residual coffee grounds from the filter / filter holder rim before placing into the machine for brewing.

Recommendations for producing a better cappuccino or latte:

1. Once steam has been selected ‘purge’ the steam nozzle/frother to eliminate any excess water before you start frothing the milk.

2. Always use fresh, cold milk. Some milks that do not require refrigeration will not produce an acceptable foam.

3. Once you have frothed the milk tap the jug on the counter to remove any large air bubbles

4. ‘Spin’ or swirl the milk to ensure the milk and foam combine a little and to give it a glossy finish.

5. Pour the milk/foam immediately after spinning/swirling to ensure that milk and foam do not separate.


DeLonghi offers a wide range of semi-auto and super-automatic espresso machines, as well as grinders and more. A necessity for any non super-automatic brewer, DeLonghi’s grinders are the perfect pair to one of their semi-auto machines. Their semi-autos allow for more control over the process, but help you to learn about brewing café quality drinks from your home! Whichever type of machine is more your style, DeLonghi has a brewer for you

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