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Using the ground coffee container

  1. Place the appliance on a flat surface.
  2. Screw the coffee beans container turning it clockwise (fig. 1);
  3. Remove the coffee beans container lid (fig. 2);
  4. Pour the desired coffee beans quantity in the container (fig. 3);
  5. Close the lid pushing it firmly; Important: Never remove the container if there are coffee beans inside.
  6. Plug the appliance into the mains socket;
  7. Set the dial (A4) to the quantity of coffee corresponding to the number of cups for which you want to grind the beans: the relative number appears on the display (fig. 4). Use this ratio as a rough guide only, since the amount will vary according to the taste, type and roasting of coffee beans as well as the fineness of grinding selected;
  8. Press the strength selection button (B2) until the desired aroma appears on the display (fig. 5); Important: • The quantity of ground coffee varies upon the different coffee grind. • Adjust the coffee grind and strength according the personal taste. • FRENCH PRESS: when preparing ground coffee for this kind of coffee machine, it is recommended to set max 8 cups.
  9. Push the start grinding button (B1) (fig. 6);
  10. Select the grind of coffee by adjusting the regulator (A3) to the type of coffee desired (fig. 7): adjust the regulator when the appliance is working;
  11. Once the previously selected amount of coffee is reached, the appliance will stop automatically;
  12. If you want to stop the appliance before grinding is finished, press the start grinding button again; Stop grinding if the ground coffee reaches the max level.
  13. Remove the pre-ground coffee container, gently tap the container, remove the lid and pour the pre-ground coffee into the filter of the coffee machine. If you don’t use all the ground coffee, it can be stored in the container, closing the cap (A11) to avoid loosing aroma.

Always empty the ground coffee container before using the appliance again.

Grinding directly in the filter holder

  1. Prepare the coffee beans container as illustrated in steps 1 to 6 of the previous paragraph;
  2. Extract the filter holder accessory’s box (A6) from its housing (fig. 8);
  3. Extract the filter holder accessory (A7) (fig. 9);
  4. Insert the accessory to the appliance, pushing it as far as it goes: the corresponding light comes steady on the display (fig. 10); Please note: When using the filter holder accessory, you can not choose the number of the cups: you can only grind coffee for 1 or 2 cups of espresso; When using the filter holder accessory, turn the grinding selection regulator (A3) to number 1 or 6 of the “ESPRESSO” section. Note: do not grind beyond number 6 to avoid to overfill the filter holder.
  5. Insert the filter holder to the accessory (fig. 11). It is recommended to hold in place the filter holder, as the accessory is suitable for standard dimensions and do not cover all the models;
  6. Push the start button (B1) (fig. 6): to grind the 2-cups quantity, push two times the start button within 1 second after the grinding starts;
  7. Grinding automatically stops: if you want to stop it earlier, press the start button once again;
  8. Extract the filter holder and proceed preparing espresso coffee.


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