DeLonghi EC5 Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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How to use and maintain the De'Longhi EC5/7 espresso and cappuccino machine:

Key features:
- Makes espresso and cappuccino
- Steam wand for frothing milk
- Some models have a Vario System lever to adjust coffee strength

Making espresso:
1. Fill water tank and assemble portafilter with ground coffee
2. Attach portafilter and place carafe under spouts
3. Turn on machine and let coffee brew into carafe
4. Release residual steam pressure before removing portafilter

Making cappuccino:
1. Make espresso first with extra water to produce steam
2. Steam and froth cold milk in a separate container using the steam wand
3. Pour espresso into cups and spoon frothed milk on top

- Clean the filter holder, filter and drip tray regularly
- Clean the boiler outlet every 300 coffees by unscrewing and rinsing
- Clean steam wand and cappuccino attachment after each use
- Descale every 300 coffees using citric acid solution or commercial descaler

- Use freshly ground espresso roast coffee
- Pre-warm cups
- Experiment with grind size and tamping pressure for optimal results

- Do not open boiler cap while machine is operating
- Release residual steam pressure before removing parts
- Unplug machine when not in use


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