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  • Place the appliance on a work surface away from water faucets and sinks.
  • Check that the voltage of the outlet corresponds to the value indicated on the appliance rating plate. Connect the appliance to an efficiently grounded electrical socket with a minimum rating of 10A only. The manufacturer declines all liability for any accidents caused by the absence of an efficient ground system.
  • If the plug fitted to the appliance does not match the power socket, have the outlet replaced with a suitable type by a qualified electrician.
  • Never install the appliance in environments where the temperature may reach 0°C (32°F) or lower (the appliance may be damaged if the water freezes).


  1. After preheating the appliance as described in the previous section, place the ground coffee filter in the filter holder. Make sure the tab is correctly inserted in the slot as shown in fig. 7, otherwise you will not be able to attach the filter holder to the appliance. The appliance comes with two filters; the small filter should be used for one coffee and the large filter for two coffees.
  2. To make a single coffee only, place one level measure of ground coffee, about 0.24 ounces (7 grams), in the filter (fig. 8). To prepare two coffees, place two loosely filled measures of ground coffee (0.42 ounces/6+6 grams) in the filter. Fill the filter a little at a time to prevent the ground coffee from overflowing. IMPORTANT: to ensure correct operation, before placing the ground coffee in the filter holder, clean the filter of residues of ground coffee from the previous infusion.
  3. Distribute the ground coffee evenly and tamp lightly with the tamper (fig. 9). Note: Correct tamping of the ground coffee is essential to obtain a good espresso. If tamping is excessive, espresso delivery will be slow and the crema will be dark. If tamping is too light, coffee delivery will be too rapid and the froth will be skimpy and light colored.
  4. Remove any excess coffee from the rim of the filter holder and attach to the appliance. Rotate firmly (fig. 4) to avoid water leaking out.
  5. Place the cup or cups under the filter holder spouts (fig. 10). It is recommended to heat the cups before making the coffee by rinsing them with a little hot water or placing them to warm on the cup storage tray for at least 15-20 minutes (fig. 26).
  6. Make sure the OK indicator light (fig. 5) is on (if it is off, wait until it comes on), then press the coffee button (fig. 6). Once the required quantity of espresso has been obtained, interrupt delivery by pressing the coffee button again (fig. 6).
  7. To remove the filter holder, rotate the handle from right to left. IMPORTANT: to avoid splashes, never remove the filter holder while the appliance is delivering espresso.
  8. To dispose of the used coffee, lock the filter in place using the lever incorporated in the handle then empty the grounds by turning the filter holder upside down and tapping (fig. 11). 8
  9. To turn the coffee machine off, press the ON/OFFbutton (fig. 3).


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