DeLonghi ECAM 23450SL Magnifica Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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Selecting the coffee taste

The appliance is set by default to make coffee with a standard taste. You can also choose one of these tastes: Extra-mild taste
Mild taste
Standard taste
Strong taste
Extra-strong taste
To change the taste, press the button (fig. 6) repeatedly until the required taste is displayed.

Selecting the quantity of coffee in the cup

The appliance is set by default to make a standard quantity of coffee. To select the quantity of coffee, turn the selection knob (fig. 7) until the message corresponding to the required quantity of coffee is displayed.

Customizing the “my coffee” quantity

The appliance is set by default to automatically deliver 1 fl oz./ 30 ml of “my coffee”.

To modify this quantity, proceed as follows:

  1. Place a cup under the coffee spouts (fig. 11).
  2. Turn the selection knob until “MY COFFEE” is displayed.
  3. Keep the button (fig. 8) pressed until the message “1 MY COFFEE Program quantity” is displayed and coffee delivery begins. Release the button.
  4. As soon as the coffee in the cup reaches the required level, press the button (fig. 8) again.

The quantity of coffee in the cup has now been programmed.

Adjusting the coffee mill

The coffee mill is preset in the factory to make coffee correctly and should not require adjusting initially.

However, if after making the first few coffees you find that the coffee is too thin and not creamy enough or that delivery is too slow (a drop at a time), this can be corrected by adjusting the grinding adjustment knob (fig. 9).

Please note! The grinding adjustment knob must only be turned when the coffee mill is in operation. If the coffee is delivered too slowly or not at all, turn one click clockwise towards “7”. For fuller bodied creamier coffee on the other hand, turn one click anticlockwise towards “1” (do not turn more than one click at a time otherwise the coffee could be delivered a drop at a time).

These adjustments will only be evident after at least 2 cups of coffee have been delivered. If this adjustment does not obtain the desired result, turn the knob another click.

Tips for a hotter coffee

For a hotter coffee, before delivery you are recommended to:

  • rinse the appliance through by pressing the button. Hot water flows out of the coffee spouts and heats the internal circuit of the machine so that the coffee delivered will be hotter.
  • warm the cups with hot water (using the hot water function);
  • select the "high" coffee temperature in the menu.


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