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DeLonghi EC933X La Specialista Coffee Maker

Instructions for Use

Setting up the Appliance

1. Plug the power cord connector (C7) into the socket (A19) at the back of the appliance (fig. 5), then plug the plug into the mains socket. Make sure the main switch (A20) at the back of the appliance is pressed and in the I position (fig. 6);
2. The light (B6) corresponding to the button comes on and the light (B15) flashes to indicate that you need to deliver water to fill the circuit (fig. 7);
3. Place a container with a minimum capacity of 100 ml under the hot water spout (A5) and cappuccino maker (A8) (fig. 8);
4. Press the button (B6) corresponding to the light (fig. 9). Delivery begins and stops automatically. Empty the container. Before using the machine, you must rinse the internal circuits.
5. Attach the filter holder (C1) complete with filter to the appliance. To attach correctly, align the filter holder handle with "INSERT" (fig. 10), then turn the handle to the right until it is aligned in the "CLOSE" position;
6. Place a recipient under the filter holder and cappuccino maker (A8) (fig. 11);
7. Press the button (B4) corresponding to the light (fig. 12). Delivery begins;
8. When delivery is complete, turn the steam dial (A4) (fig. 13) and deliver steam for 10 seconds to rinse the steam circuit;
9. Repeat points 7 and 8 until you have delivered at least 1 litre of water (about half the tank);
10. Extract the water tank (A17) (fig. 3), rinse and fill with fresh clean water, taking care not to exceed the MAX level (fig. 4)

The appliance is ready for use.


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