DeLonghi Magnifica 04110s Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

Thank you for choosing the ESAM04110 automatic coffee maker. We hope you enjoy using your new appliance. Take a few minutes to read these instructions. This will avoid all risks and damage to the machine.

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Using the appliance for the first time

  • Coffee has been used to factory test the appliance and it is therefore completely normal for there to be traces of coffee in the mill. The machine is, however, guaranteed to be new.
  • You should customise water hardness as soon as possible following the instructions in the section “15. SETTING WATER HARDNESS” .
  1. Remove the water tank (A12), fill to the MAX line with fresh water then replace in the appliance (fig. 1).
  2. Turn the cappuccino maker (A9) outwards and place a container with a minimum capacity of 3.38 fl.oz. / 100 ml underneath (fig. 2).
  3. Plug the appliance into the mains socket and place the main switch (A2) on the back of the appliance in the I position (fig. 3).
  4. The (B2), (B4), (B6) lights flash simultaneously.
  5. Turn the steam/hot water knob (B10) a half turn counterclockwise as far as it will go to position I (fig. 5). Water is delivered from the cappuccino maker (it is normal for the appliance to make some noise).
  6. Wait for delivery of hot water to stop automatically. The , , lights flash to indicate that you must close the steam tap by turning the steam/hot water knob to the 0 position.
  7. Turn the steam/hot water knob to the 0 position. The appliance goes off automatically.

To use the appliance, turn it on.

  • When using the appliance for the first time, you need to make 4-5 cups of coffee or 4-5 cappuccinos before the appliance starts to give satisfactory results.


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