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Preparing Your Machine

  1. Wash and dry accessories; including water tank.
  2. Insert the drip tray with cup tray.
  3. Fill water tank.
  4. Plug in machine and switch on the main power.

Setting La Specialista For First Use

  1. Place a container under the water spout.
  2. Press OK to rinse.
  3. Insert filter basket into portafilter.
  4. Attach the portafilter.
  5. Press OK to rinse.
  6. Push the STEAM button and let the steam flow out for a few seconds. Then push the button again. For optimal steam performance we recommend you repeat this action 3 or 4 times. This is to purge the steam arm before frothing or steaming your milk.

Step 1: Grinding and Dosing

  1. Add beans to hopper.
  2. Fresh is best; fill in just with the quantity you need. Store the remainder of your beans in a vacuum container. The ideal setting depends on your coffee bean type. Select the right grind setting based on the Roast Chart (next pages).
  3. Select single or double dose filter and place in the portafilter. If you are using
    the double filter, press the button until the X2 light comes on.
    Please note: the x 2 selection will double the volume of the espresso shot as well.
  4. Select the right dose based on the Roast Chart. As a reference, the darker the roast of your coffee beans, the higher the dose.
  5. Insert the Dosing & Tamping Guide to the portafilter: 1 push and 2 turn until it locks.
  6. Push the portafilter until you hear a single “Click”, then release: grinding starts and stops automatically.
  7. Push the portafilter until you hear a single “Click”, then release: grinding starts and stops automatically.


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