Diletta Bello Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

Welcome to the world of exquisite coffee brewing with the Diletta Bello Espresso Machine. This robust semi-automatic home espresso machine combines elegance with functionality while offering precision brewing capabilities to satisfy even the most discerning coffee lover.

Product Resource Details

Unboxing & Setup Unboxing

  1. Before continuing, check box for damage and punctures. If significant damage is noted to outer packaging STOP and call Seattle Coffee Gear’s Customer Service at 866-372-4734.
  2. Remove top foam packaging; set aside.
  3. Reach around the sides of your machine until you have a firm grasp of the machine base.
  4. Lift carefully; set machine on countertop ensuring all 4 legs make good contact.
  5. Remove the outer dust bag and accessory box; set aside.
  6. Save packaging.

Initial Setup

  1. Check power cable and connector for kinks, then plug in to wall socket.
  2. Locate the top water tank access hatch; remove water tank.
  3. Rinse water tank, and fill with filtered water. Then replace.
  4. Locate the power switch. Switch on the machine with the general switch on position 1, the green ON light switches on.
  5. The machine fills the boiler.
  6. Start the delivery of the coffee brew group through the brew lever, turn on the water from the group to make sure that the circuit has filled correctly.
  7. Wait for the machine to reach the working temperature, indicated by the orange light that switches off and the pointer of the boiler gauge that is to indicate a value between 1 Bar and 1.5 Bar. When the machine has reached the working temperature also the green light switches on, indicating that the machine is ready.

Coffee Brewing

  1. Remove the filter holder from the group seat, turning it clockwise.
  2. Fill the portafilter with one or two doses of freshly ground coffee (according to the filter inserted).
  3. Press the coffee firmly with the included tamper.
  4. Replace the portafilter holder into the group, turning anti-clockwise.
  5. Place the cups under the corresponding spouts under the portafilter holder.
  6. Lift the coffee brew lever to the horizontal position to start the coffee brew, and after a few seconds the coffee brew starts.
  7. When the desired amount of coffee has been delivered, lower the group lever to the vertical position.

Milk Steaming

  1. Wait until the heating light switches off and that the pressure gauge reads over 0.8 Bar.
  2. Open the steam knob for a few seconds and purge the condensed water into the drip tray. Close the knob.
  3. Immerse the steam wand into the milk and open the knob. Pull steam tip back toward the surface to texture milk, and sink back down to heat the milk. When the desired temperature and texture is reached, close the knob.
  4. After heating your milk, discharge a little steam from the wand into the drip tray to clear the steam tip of any milk residue.
  5. Wipe down the steam wand of any residual milk.

Hot Water

  1. Place your desired cup to collect water under the hot water wand.
  2. Open the hot water knob to deliver hot water.
  3. Note: hot water is pulled directly from the steam boiler, and will be very hot.
  4. When the desired amount of water is reached, close the hot water knob.

Low Water Alert

If the water in the tank drops below minimum level, the machine will flash a low-water warning light. To exit from alert condition, refill the tank.

Filling Timeout

If the boiler fill programming takes longer than 300 seconds, the machine will flash the low water warning light. This also disables the boiler heating element. To clear, switch the machine off, refill the water tank, then switch on again to restart filling.


Engineered with performance, reliability, and usability in mind, Diletta is a collaboration between Seattle Coffee Gear and a veteran team of Italian designers. We built Diletta to offer a home espresso experience that’s accessible to new users and enthusiasts alike, all for a competitive price. Whether you’re looking for classic Italian design or something more modern, the first two releases under the Diletta brand have you covered. Diletta espresso machines also let you brew with confidence due to their solid construction and reliability. We hope you’ll love these world class espresso machines as much as we do!

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