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The Eureka Atom Pro Grinder is designed with meticulous attention to detail, combining cutting-edge technology with Italian craftsmanship to deliver consistent and superior grind quality. Whether you're a seasoned barista or a home espresso enthusiast, the Atom Pro Espresso Grinder is poised to elevate your espresso experience. Please consult this manual for a comprehensive guidance on setup, operation, and upkeep, alongside suggestions to enhance your grinding process.

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This manual is designed for use by the user of the machine and/or by those performing maintenance on the machine and must be considered an integral part of the machine itself. This manual provides information concerning correct use and appropriate maintenance of the machine, as well as useful indications for ensuring user safety. 

This manual must be preserved for the entire working life of the machine and must be transferred, together with the machine, to future users or owners. The information contained in this manual must not be construed as substituting the safety prescriptions and the technical data regarding installation and operation carried on the machine itself and on the packing materials. 

This manual reflects the current state of machine technology and shall not be considered obsolete solely because updated at a later date on the basis of acquired experience. The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications to this manual with no obligation to update previous versions except in exceptional cases. Improper use of the machine or use in manners other than those described in this manual shall invalidate the guarantee conditions and shall release the manufacturer from all responsibility, the machine must be used only by adult, responsible persons. 

This manual must be preserved with care: the manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages to persons or things or to the machine itself deriving from improper use or use in manners other than those described herein or in the case the maintenance and safety precautions described herein are not respected.


  • Before operating the appliance, it is necessary to fit the coffee bean container.
  • Insert the container into its seat, positioning it so that the hole lines up with the screw on the back part of the appliance.
  • Tighten the lock screw.


  • It is necessary to set up the appliance before operating, based on the coffee blend type (more roasted or less) and the degree of grinding.
  • After having plugged the appliance in, pull the tab at the bottom of the coffee bean container to close it.
  • Remove the cover from the container and fill it with coffee beans.
  • Turn the switch to the ON position (the LED on the button lights up and the cooling fan is activated).
  • Replace the cover and push the tab permitting passage of coffee beans.


  • Depending on the production requirements, a fork for the V60 or a fork for the filter coffee tray can be fitted.
  • The two forks are magnetic and can be freely applied in the magnetic zone
  • To remove the V60 fork, lift it upwards to remove it from the magnetic zone and
    then slide it out towards the front of the unit.
  • After applying the appropriate fork, insert V60 or the filter coffee tray


  • Set grinding by means of the adjusting knob, by rotating it clockwise to make powder finer (Espresso coffee) or anticlockwise to increase the size of its grain (Filter coffee) as shown on the knob. Setting is stepless; it is to be gradually performed, by grinding some coffee every two notches maximum.
  • The grinding adjustment can be seen from the grinding indicator.
  • If the knob is turned by more than 3 notches with the engine stopped, the machine
    can get stuck and / or damaged.
  • After adjusting the grind with the knob, deliver 2-3 doses to make effective the new grinding.


  • To start grinding, turn the switch downwards to the "START" position (the LED on the switch turns ON).
  • To stop grinding, turn the switch upwards to the "STOP" position (the LED on the switch turns OFF).
  • If the grinder remains active for more than 45 seconds, the grinder is turned off but the switch remains in the "START" position (led off).
  • For safety reasons, if the grinder is switched ON with the switch already in the
    "START" position, the grinding will not start.
  • At the end of the grinding process, press the cover of the container some firm times to use the "Blow Up - Zero Retention" system. In this way, the membrane is compressed to create a blow of air inside the nozzle that causes the last residues of ground coffee to fall.


Cleanliness is a basic aspect for the proper functioning of the coffee grinder with a dosing unit.
A neglected coffee grinder with dosing unit may have a negative impact on coffee dispensing as well as on the accuracy of dose and grinding. 

  • Before cleaning, make sure the appliance is unplugged. 
  • At least once a week, clean the coffee bean container, removing the oily coat left by coffee beans by means of a clean cloth.
  • It is also necessary to clean the delivery nozzle frequently (even several times a day) by pressing the cover a couple of times and using the "Blow Up - Zero Retention" system.
  • In case such operations are not carried out, the aromatic oily part contained in coffee may turn rancid with negative consequences on coffee, furthermore the lack of cleanliness may jeopardize regularity of the dose itself.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the rubber base and the magnetic zone. If necessary, wash the rubber in the dishwasher.


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