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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and cutting-edge technology, the Eureka Mignon Espresso Grinder promises to deliver consistently exceptional results with every use. This user manual is your comprehensive guide to understanding and operating your Mignon Espresso Grinder effectively. Inside, you will find detailed instructions on setup, usage, maintenance, and troubleshooting, as well as tips for optimizing your grinding experience.

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This manual is designed for use by the user of the machine and/or by those performing maintenance on the machine and must be considered an integral part of the machine itself.

This manual provides information concerning correct use and appropriate maintenance of the machine, as well as useful indications for ensuring user safety.

This manual must be preserved for the entire working life of the machine and must be transferred, together with the machine, to future users or owners. The information contained in this manual must not be construed as substituting the safety prescriptions and the technical data regarding installation and operation carried on the machine itself and on the packing materials.

This manual reflects the current state of machine technology and shall not be considered obsolete solely because updated at a later date on the basis of acquired experience.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications to this manual with no obligation to update previous versions except in exceptional cases.

Improper use of the machine or use in manners other than those described in this manual shall invalidate the guarantee conditions and shall release the manufacturer from all responsibility, the machine must be used only by adult, responsible persons.

This manual must be preserved with care: the manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages to persons or things or to the machine itself deriving from improper use or use in manners other than those described herein or in the case the maintenance and safety precautions described herein are not respected.

Before First Use

Before operating the appliance, it is necessary to fit the coffee bean container.

• Insert the container into its seat, positioning it so that the hole lines up with the screw on the back part of the appliance.

• Tighten the lock screw.



• Enable this mode by setting the selection button to "M".

• Place the filter holder on the fork, and press it forwards until it comes into contact with the button to dispense ground coffee from the spout.

• Dispensing will stop as soon as the filter holder is moved away from the button.

TIMED mode

• Enable this mode by setting the selection button to "T".

• The dispensing time for ground coffee is set by adjusting the potentiometer, turning it to increase or reduce the amount of ground coffee.

• Dispensing will stop as soon as the set time is over.


• Select the single/double dose using the apposite buttons.

• Rest the filter holder bowl on the fork and push it forward until it comes into contact with the button to expel the ground coffee from the nozzle. The automatic dispensing will stop after the set time has elapsed.


• Turn the adjustment knob clockwise for more finely ground coffee and counterclockwise for a coarser grind.

• The adjustment is to be made gradually, by grinding a little coffee every max. 2 notches.

• If the knob is turned of a turn with the motor in standstill, the machine could stop.

• The adjustment system EASY SETTING makes this procedure easier and allows to adjust grinding in a quick and intuitive matter according to the required final product.


• Insert the filter holder fork into its seat.

• With a screwdriver, loosen the fixing screw of the filter holder fork. Do not loosen the screw completely.

• Lift or lower the fork to adjust it according to the filter holder dimensions.

• Once having found the correct position, tighten the fork fixing screw.

• The fork is suitable for any kind of filter holder available on the market.


When starting the machine for the first time, the appliance has the factory default settings. In the subsequent starts, it keeps the settings preceding the last turning off.

When starting, the display loads the firmware and gets ready for dispensing.


• By pressing the button of one dose or double dose, the dose to be dispensed is selected (the buttons goes on).

• With a single pressure (quick) of the grinding start button, the coffee dispensing and the countdown to zero are activated.

• When the dispensing is complete, the grinding time goes back to the value set.

• The counter of single or double doses is increased by 1.

• Select the single or double dose and press the buttons to increase or reduce the dispensing time of the selected dose (the time is shown in seconds on the display).

• If the button is kept pressed for some seconds, the time is increased or reduced according to the pressure time.

• To pause the automatic dispensing before the grinding time has elapsed, press the grinding start button with the filter holder:

• Press the button again to restart the dispensing for the remaining time.

• Keep pressed the button of the selected dose (blinking) to stop dispensing. The grinding time goes back to the value set.


• Press the single dose and double dose buttons at the same time to access this mode. The symbol appears on the display.

• Press the grinding start button to enable the continuous dispensing and press it once more to stop. The continuous dispensing lasts up to max. 60 seconds.

• To exit the continuous dispensing mode, keep pressed the single dose or the double dose button for some seconds.


• Press the buttons at the same time. When releasing them, the dose dispensing time adjustment stops. Furthermore, on the display the buttons will disappear.

• Press both buttons again to unlock the functions.


When starting the machine, keep pressed for 5 seconds the grinding start button and then select one of the counts:

• Single dose button: access to the count of the dispensed single doses;

• Double dose button: access to the count of the dispensed double doses;

• Single dose button and double dose button: access to the count of the dispensed continuous doses;

On the display, only the selected buttons remain on and the numbers of doses are shown in pairs progressively.

For instance, if the dose total is 142536, the display shows the digits 14, 25, and 36 (each one for two seconds). After the last digit pair, it stops for 4 seconds and then the sequence restarts. To exit the count, press the grinding start button.


When starting the machine, keep pressed the grinding start button and then press the button to access the contrast adjustment.

To exit the contrast adjustment, press the grinding start button


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