Fellow Ode Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

Known for its sleek design, precision grinding capabilities, and user-friendly features the Fellow Ode Coffee Grinder - Gen 2 is an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts who prioritize precision, convenience, and aesthetics in their home brewing setup.

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Read through this manual to find detailed instructions on how to set up your grinder, adjust grind settings to suit your preferred brewing method, and maintain your grinder.

Calibrating Your Ode Brew Grinder

Ode Brew Grinder is designed for brewing coffee and cannot grind
fine enough for most espresso-machines. However, if you like to
grind finely for AeroPress® Coffee Maker, Prismo, Hario V60, or other
brewing methods, you may want to make sure that where the burrs
touch, or “zero point,” of your grinder is correctly calibrated to better
achieve this range.

Your grinder arrives calibrated from the factory. As the burrs are
seasoned, the burr touch point will drift slightly which is normal and
as such you should expect the settings to shift slightly coarser.
Keeping your grinder calibrated so that Setting 1 is always 1 click
away from the burr touch point helps keep the grinding performance
consistent over the life of your grinder.

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