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  1. Water Works
    Choose water that tastes great by itself. Filter out any chemicals like chlorine or fluoride that might be in your tap water. Bring it to a boil and then allow it to sit for a couple of minutes.
  2. The Grind's the Thing
    You're going for a coarse grind. If you have a metal mesh filter on your press pot, your grind should be a little bit coarser than if you have a nylon one. Uniform and coarse grounds = no muddy sludge at the bottom of your cup.
  3. The Measure of a (Wo)Man
    Measure out 2 rounded tablespoons for every 6 oz. of your press pot's brewing capacity.
  4. Islands in the Stream
    The key here is a steady stream that thoroughly moistens all of the coffee. Your water level needs to take into account the space required for the filter, so leave room at the top. Stir up the grounds and water to release the "bloom."
  5. Steeped in Tradition
    This can take anywhere from 2 minutes for a smaller pot to 4 minutes for one of the larger ones. We dig multi-tasking, so use this time to warm our cups by pouring in some of the excess water we boiled.
  6. Take the Plunge
    Slowly and steadily, fully depress the plunger -- too fast and you could let some grounds escape or you could end up spilling some over the side. Once you've fully depressed the plunger, serve the coffee into your warmed cups, taking care to keep the lid and plunger stable as your pour. Sip and enjoy!