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Before connecting the machine to a power supply, carefully read the safety instructions given in the chapter: “important safeguards”. Remove the water tank “L” from the machine by pulling it slightly up and then out. Lift the tank lid. Fill the tank with fresh drinking water until the MAX mark is reached. CAUTION: always fill the tank with fresh, still drinking water only. Hot water or other liquids may damage the tank. Do not use the machine without water. After setting the lid back in place, insert the tank all the way into the machine. Insert the plug into the outlet. Consult the following chapter to switch on the appliance. Warning: make sure that the capsule compartment “B” is properly closed before brewing coffee. Never open it while coffee is being dispensed. Note: When using the machine for the first time or after it has not been used for 7 or more days, after placing a container of suitable capacity beneath the brew group “C”, we suggest running at least half a tank of water through the brew group without inserting a capsule.


To turn on the machine, proceed as follows: Check the water level in the tank “L”; if necessary add water as previously described. Move the main on/off switch “M” into the “I” position. The buttons and will light up repeatedly from left to right. This indicates that the machine is starting to warm up. Place a cup beneath the brew group. Wait until the buttons and are steadily lit and the machine emits a beep; this indicates that the machine has reached the correct operating temperature. Start Touch the button. Wait until water flows out of the brew group. The machine will automatically stop dispensing water when the programmed quantity has been reached or you press the buttons on the touch screen again.