Izzo Alex Duetto IV Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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  • Manually lifting the coffee dispenser lever (fig. 8, tab. 1) starts the dispensing stage. Lowering the lever, dispensing is interrupted.
  • For every cup of coffee add 6-8 grams of ground coffee in the filter holder and press it down. Insert the filter holder under the unit by rotating it from left to right until it is tightened.
  • Place one or two cups under the filter holder spout and raise the lever (it is recommended to warm the cups). The coffee will now begin dispensing, first in drops, then it will flow out thick like hot chocolate, and the display will show the time in seconds. When the cup has been filled with the desired amount of coffee, lower the lever.


  • When the dispensing starts, raise the lever and the Display shows the Shot Timer. When the dispensing ends, lower the lever and the Display once again shows the temperature.


  • Hot drinks (tea, chamomile tea, milk, chocolate, herbal tea) can be prepared using the steam tap and the water tap.


  • Place a container under the water wand (fig. 6, tab. 1). Turn the knob of the tap anticlockwise; the hot water will begin to come out. When finished, turn the water knob clockwise to turn off the tap.


  • Place a container under the steam wand (fig. 7, tab. 1) and immerse it in the liquid to be heated. Turn the knob of the tap anticlockwise; the steam will start to come out and heat the liquid. When finished, turn the steam knob clockwise to turn off the tap.
  • To achieve a cappuccino with a lot of froth, it is advised to use a tall, narrow container, half-filled with milk. Immerse the steam wand about 2/3 cm into the milk. If the milk only needs to be heated, immerse the steam wand all the way into the container.