Izzo Alex PID Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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  • Insert either an one-cup or a two-cup filter into the filter-holder, unless you should not have two separate filter-holders, and fill it with ground coffee directly from your coffee grinder, or with a measuring spoon.
  • Press down the ground coffee a bit firmly using a tamper and put the filter-holder into the brew head again.
  • Place one or two cups under the filter-holder’s outlet now and set the manual lever to the uppermost position; water is forced through the coffee powder and espresso just begins to run into the cups.
  • True espresso should flow through first by drops and then thick like hot chocolate. At this point, please also note that the cups with possibly thick rims are well-heated. We therefore suggest that you always keep them on the cup-warmer plate.
  • When the cup(s) has (have) reached the desired amount of coffee, you can then turn off water feed by means of manual lever operation.
  • Furthermore, please note that the maximum brewing time of an espresso should not exceed 25 seconds. After that moment the acids present in coffee dissolve and deeply affect both the espresso’s taste and digestibility.
  • The overpressure and residual water originated during the brewing process escape from the group escape-valve’s outlet and are led into the drip tray. This process is signalled by a hissing sound. It is necessary that the manual lever is set in the lowest position, in order to guarantee perfect pressure drop after the brewing process. Not dropped overpressure may cause the ground coffee to splash while you are taking the filter-holder out of the brew head. For this reason be careful not to scald yourself!
    Warning: the brewing group becomes very hot during its use and there is great risk of scald.


  • Place or hold a proper container endowed with a thermally insulating handle under the hot-water nozzle. Turn on the hot-water giver by moving the handgrip in the counter-clockwise direction, until you have filled the container with the desired quantity of water.
  • Turn off the hot-water giver again by moving the handgrip in the clockwise direction.
    Warning: the hot-water pipe becomes very hot during its and there is great risk of scald.


  • The steam delivery function can be used for heating liquids like milk, chocolate or mulled claret etc..
  • Please use a proper, possibly high stainless steel container to froth milk, as milk gradually rises while frothing.
  • Use condensed milk with a 3,5% fat content at room temperature in order to achieve the best possible froth results.
  • Dip the steam diffuser nozzle fitted to the end of the steam pipe into milk now and turn on the steam tap.
  • After a few seconds, during which milk has been heated, try to hold the steam diffuser nozzle short under the “milk level”, so that milk and steam together form a whirl inside the container.
  • You will notice that milk froth begins to rise to the container’s top.
  • Avoid in any case that milk is superheated, since the protein molecules found in milk dissolve starting from a temperature of 77°C and froth may consequently break up.
  • After frothing turn off the steam tap and immediately clean the steam pipe thoroughly with a damp cloth or sponge to remove milk residues.