Izzo Vivi PID Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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Install the machine on a well-levelled, dry, smooth, and sturdy supporting surface in a well-ventilated area.

Before using the coffee machine, make sure that:

  • the dispensing lever is facing downward (fig. 6, tab. 1);
  • the water and steam knobs are closed (fig. 4 and 5, tab. 1);
  • the switch is in the "0 " or "OFF" position (fig. 10, tab. 1);
  • the lower drip tray is correctly positioned (fig. 7, tab. 1).



The machine is equipped with a display that provides the instructions required for operation (Fig. 1, Tab. 1). The display consists of an LED and two keys used for interacting with it. The picture below shows the DISPLAY of the machine.


The LED on the display flashes when the heating element is operating.

To deactivate the boiler resistor press the key for about 2 seconds and the display shows OFF. To activate coffee boiler resistor, simply press the key. Press the key to program the temperature setpoint, when the display shows Prg press the key.

Once the temperature setpoint has been displayed, use the keys and to set the desired value, from a minimum of 121°C to a maximum of 128°C. 3 seconds after pressing the last key the data is memorised and the display shows the temperature.

With the machine of, press the keys and at the same time and keeping them pressed turns the machine on. When the display shows F.03, release the keys. The key scrolls the parameters while the key confirms the selected parameter. To quit programming, turn the machine off and then on again.