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Preparing and using for the first timeThis chapter provides you with the information you need to use your JURA without any problems. You will prepare your JURA step-by-step to enjoy your first perfect cup of coffee.

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Setting Up the Machine

When setting up your JURA, please note the following:

  • Place the machine on a horizontal surface that is not sensitive to water.
  • Choose a spot for your JURA which protects the machine against overheating.
  • Ensure that the ventilation slots are not covered.

Filling the Bean Container

  • Coffee beans which have been treated with additives (e.g. sugar), ground coffee or freeze-dried coffee will damage the grinder.
  • Only use untreated roasted coffee beans to refill the bean container.
  • Remove the aroma preservation cover of the bean container.
  • Remove any dirt or foreign objects from inside the bean container.
  • Fill the bean container with coffee beans.
  • Close the bean container.

First-Time Use

When using the machine for the first time, you can choose whether you want to operate JURA with or without the CLEARYL Blue filter cartridge. If the water hardness is 10 °dH or more, we recommend using the filter cartridge. If you do not know the hardness of your water, you can find this out first (see Chapter 1 ‘Preparing and using for the first time – Determining the water hardness’ in the PDF manual).

Precondition: Bean container is filled.

  • Insert the mains plug into a power socket.
  • Press the On/Off button to switch the machine on.
  • The Descaling symbol & and the Filter symbol ! are lit up.

First-Time Use with Filter Cartridge Activation

  • Touch the Filter symbol.
  • The Water Tank symbol lights up.
  • Remove the water tank.
  • Open the filter holder.
  • Insert the filter cartridge into the water tank, exerting slight pressure.
  • Close the filter holder. It will click into place audibly.
  • Fill the water tank with fresh, cold water and reinsert it.
  • The Filter symbol ! lights up.
  • Touch the Filter symbol.
  • Symbols flash. The filter is rinsed and the water flows directly into the drip tray. 
  • Rinsing of the filter stops automatically. The machine heats up.
  • The symbols flash. The machine is rinsed, water flows out of the coffee spout. The rinse stops automatically.
  • The Coffee Grounds Container symbol lights up.
  • Empty the coffee grounds container and drip tray and rinse with warm water.
  • Reinsert the coffee grounds container and the drip tray.
  • The Ristretto, Espresso and Coffee symbols and the symbol for ‘strong’ coffee strength light up.
  • Your JURA is ready for use


Jura superautomatic espresso machines offer simplicity and performance whether you’re brewing a shot of espresso to be enjoyed on its own or in a classic café milk drink. With simple interfaces, easy to manage Clearyl water filtration, and Jura’s P.E.P. extraction process, these machines are a compelling option in the superauto category.

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