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Welcome to the Impressa E Series

This fully automatic coffee center is completely programmable and extremely user friendly. Your Impressa E can prepare one or two cups of crema coffee at a time. The two-step pressure brewing system – well known in commercial applications – was adapted and refined by Jura coffee specialists and is the trademark of each Jura-Capresso coffee center.

This Pre-Brew Aroma-System ensures optimal coffee extraction and will finish every cup with a rich layer of "crema" – proof for perfectly pressure brewed coffee. Just press one of the two cup buttons and your Impressa E will grind, tamp and brew your personal cup of coffee. The integrated solid steel conical burr grinder grinds beans to the preferred fineness. A separate funnel lets you use pre-ground coffee. All coffee, water and steam functions are programmable to your own personal taste. Make any size cup of coffee between 1 and 16 oz.

The Dual Frother Plus* lets you froth and steam milk for delicious cappuccinos and lattes. The frother will deliver unlimited amounts of steam. The stainless steel lined ThermoBlock prevents water from coming in contact with aluminum and allows you to brew coffee immediately after frothing (no purging). The hot water function lets you prepare tea and other beverages in seconds or use it to pre-warm your coffee cups. All important functions such as water level, bean container, used coffee container and water filter are monitored automatically. You can change the language and can check how many cups of coffee you made.

Enjoy your Impressa E!


Jura superautomatic espresso machines offer simplicity and performance whether you’re brewing a shot of espresso to be enjoyed on its own or in a classic café milk drink. With simple interfaces, easy to manage Clearyl water filtration, and Jura’s P.E.P. extraction process, these machines are a compelling option in the superauto category.

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