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Make sure

  • all accessories, literature, caution leaflets etc. are removed from the machine, the water tank, and the bean container.
  • the Clearyl Blue Water Filter is NOT installed!
  • the machine sits on a flat, even surface and the drawer, tray and used coffee container are inserted (Fig 2).
  • machine is NOT placed on a surface which is sensitive to heat, water and steam. Plug-in machine.


  • Press the Main Power Switch at the bottom right in front of the power cord (Fig. 1a). The On/Off button on top of the machine illuminates in red (Fig. 2), indicating that the main power switch was turned on.
  • Push the On/Off button on top of the machine. The display will illuminate. FILL WATER TANK


Please Note: Only use fresh, cold water. Never fill water tank with carbonated water, milk or any other liquid.

  • Open the Water Tank Lid, remove the water tank, rinse and fill with fresh, cold water (Fig. 5).
  • Replace water tank and make sure that the two slots are engaged over the two hooks to secure the tank properly.
  • Close water tank lid. The display shows PRESS RINSE and the Rinse Button illuminates (Fig. 2)
  • Place one cup underneath the Steam Outlet (Fig. 7)
  • Push the Rinse Button. SYSTEM FILLING. The machine starts pumping water into the system, until some water will come through the cappuccino nozzle. After a few seconds the process stops and the display shows HEATING.
  • Place a cup underneath the dual coffee spouts (Fig. 8). After approx. one minute the display shows PRESS RINSE.
  • Push the Rinse button. Warm water pumps through the coffee spouts and stops. The display shows FILL BEANS.


Please note: To insure that your conical burr grinder will work for a long time, do not use it with any kind of coated or flavored beans (all coating and flavors contain sugar or sugar substances). Such coating can damage the burrs. Using such beans voids the warranty. Have your coffee store grind the sugar coated beans and use as described in the chapter 11.3.

  • Open the Bean Container Lid (Fig. 4). Do not force the lid further back than the vertical position.
  • Remove the bean aroma lid (Fig. 4). The bean container has a protective slotted cover. This prevents fingers from getting into the burrs during grinding. This slotted cover can be opened by loosening the holding screw (Fig. 28) (chapter 20.2). The bean container has a sensor which monitors the bean level. It will remind you via the display when to refill the beans before the bean container is completely empty.
  • Fill beans into the bean container.
  • Place a cup underneath the Dual Coffee Spout and push the 1-cup Espresso Button (Fig. 3). The machine starts grinding and brewing. The display may still show FILL BEANS.
  • Push the 1-cup Espresso Button again. Discard the first two cups of coffee. READY. Your next cup of coffee will be perfect.


(Fig. 10)

  • Open the storage lid (Fig. 1.2). The grinder adjustment is set to a medium fineness position. We recommend to leave the grinder in this position for most applications. If you have extremely dark roasted, oily beans we recommend to set the grinder to a coarser setting (towards the thick end of the bar). Important: You can only adjust the grind settings, while the grinder is running.
  • While the grinder is running turn the grind selector switch to the desired position.– For dark, oily beans turn the selector switch toward the thicker end of the bar (away from the bean symbol). – For light, dry beans turn selector switch toward bean symbol.


We recommend filling the water container every morning with fresh, cold water. This will enhance the taste of your coffee.

  • Make sure the Main Power Switch is on (Fig. 1a). In this case the On/Off button on top is illuminated.
  • Push the On/Off button on top of the machine. HEATING. After approx. 1 to 2 minutes the display shows RINSE.
  • Place a cup under the coffee spouts (Fig. 8) and push the Rinse Button (Fig. 2). Hot water pumps through the coffee spouts. The rinse cycle stops by itself and the display reads: READY. You are now ready to make coffee.


Jura superautomatic espresso machines offer simplicity and performance whether you’re brewing a shot of espresso to be enjoyed on its own or in a classic café milk drink. With simple interfaces, easy to manage Clearyl water filtration, and Jura’s P.E.P. extraction process, these machines are a compelling option in the superauto category.

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