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Jura Z10 Superautomatic Espresso Machine was designed to elevate your coffee brewing to new heights, delivering a perfect cup every time. In this user manual, you will find comprehensive instructions to help you get the most out of your Jura Z10. From setup to maintenance, we've covered everything you need to know to ensure your machine operates flawlessly and consistently produces coffee that surpasses your expectations.

Jura Z10 Superautomatic Espresso Machine

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Preparing and using for the first time

Operation with touchscreen display and Rotary Switch

You can operate your Z10 in two ways:

- Your Z10 has a touchscreen display. Tap or swipe the display to trigger an action.

- Use the Rotary Switch, which can be turned or pressed.

When setting up your Z10, please note the following:

- Choose a spot for your Z10 which protects the machine against overheating. Ensure that the ventilation slots are not covered.

- Place the Z10 on a horizontal surface that is not sensitive to water.

The bean container has an aroma preservation cover. This will ensure that your coffee beans retain their aroma for longer.

- Coffee beans which have been treated with additives (e.g. sugar), ground coffee or freeze-dried coffee will damage the grinder.

- Only use roasted, untreated coffee beans to fill the bean container.

- Remove the aroma preservation cover.

- Remove any dirt or foreign objects from inside the bean container.

- Fill the bean container with coffee beans and close the aroma preservation cover.

When you use the machine for the first time, you must set the water hardness. If you do not know the hardness of your water, you can find this out first. Use the Aquadur® test strips supplied with the machine.

- Hold the test strip under flowing water for one second. Shake off the water.

- Wait for about 1 minute.

- You will then be able to read the degree of water hardness from the discoloration of the Aquadur® test strip and the description on the packaging.

You can manage your Z10 with the JURA Cockpit. Press the Rotary Switch to open the JURA Cockpit.

Frothing Milk

Your Z10 creates fine, creamy, feather-light milk foam with a perfect consistency. The most important requirement for frothing milk is a milk temperature of 39–46 °F (4–8 °C). We would therefore recommend using a milk cooler or a milk container.

- Connect the milk pipe to the dual spout.

- Connect the other end of the milk pipe to a milk container or a milk cooler


Jura superautomatic espresso machines offer simplicity and performance whether you’re brewing a shot of espresso to be enjoyed on its own or in a classic café milk drink. With simple interfaces, easy to manage Clearyl water filtration, and Jura’s P.E.P. extraction process, these machines are a compelling option in the superauto category.

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