Lelit William Grinder Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

The LELIT William Espresso Grinder - where every cup is a testament to precision engineering and exceptional quality. This grinder by LELIT is meticulously crafted using the finest materials and cutting-edge technology, allowing you to achieve the perfect grind for your espresso with ease. This user manual is designed to help you get the most out of your grinder, ensuring a consistent and delicious espresso experience every time.

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Careful design and choice of components are the secret of the excellentperformance of all of our models. We develop our products with technology applied only to the best professional machines. The materials used meet very high standards of quality and reliability to provide you with durable, and long-lasting products.

We design our grinders based on our customers’ needs. We are sure that the features selected for this model will meet all your wishes, so you can get a perfect tasting coffee for yourself and your guests!

William - PL728

LCC (Lelit Control Center)

It allows to program the grinding time for 1 or 2 coffee shots.

Switch for additions To manually decide for eventual coffee additions or stop the grinding before the programmed time.

Adjustable filterholder pin

With a simple operation it’s possible to adjust the height of the pin so that your filterholder can automatically and firmly stay on the filterholder support.

Coffee chute

An innovative coffee chute that can be easily regulated in order to deliver the ground coffee with precision inside any filterholder.

Magnetic drip tray

Easily removable for perfect cleaning.

Tamper support

To have the chosen tamper always at hand.

Instructions for use

To make a good cup of coffee, you must know how to use your grinder properly and will need a bit of practice. Follow the instructions carefully. You can also refer to the Quick start guide where you will find illustrated instructions.


Bring your espresso passions to life with LELIT's high-tech espresso machines. Designed for no-compromises coffee, LELIT espresso machines and grinders offer unique features and workflows that aim to help you create the best shots possible. From exacting temperature control to manual paddles and programmable preinfusion, you'll only find features like these on LELIT machines.