Mahlkonig K30 Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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Set-up and Basic Adjustment
You have received your grinder in operating condition. Now you only need to mount the hopper and connect the grinder to the mains plug. Proceed as follows:

Usage Location

  • Place the grinder on a level, vibration-free surface.

Mounting the Hopper

  • Position the hopper in the bayonet in the grinder’s lid. Note: The hole in the hopper-adapter has to line up with the safety screw in the lid.
  • To lock the hopper grab the hopper with both hands and turn it clock-wise until it clicks in.
  • Secure the hopper with the safety screw. Use the provided long allen wrench (2mm).
  • Open the hopper slider in the adapter.

Electrical Installation

  • Insert the plug into the corresponding grounded outlet.

Adjustment of the port-a-filter rest

  • The grinder is designed so that all different port-a-filters from various espresso machines fit into the rest for hands-free grinding operation.

Proceed as follows for adjusting the port-a-filter rest:

  • Keep the grinder switched off. Slightly loosen the allen screws with the provided allen wrench size 3mm and pull down the port-a-filter rest.
  • Push the port-a-filter of your espresso machine onto the start/stop switch between the port-a-filter mounting and the rest.
  • Now push up the port-a-fi lter rest until the port-a-filter holds on its own. Refasten the screws.