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At Miele, they believe in the perfect blend of innovation, quality, and design. The Miele CM5310 Silence Superautomatic Espresso Machine exemplifies this ethos, combining cutting-edge technology with sleek aesthetics to bring you an espresso machine that not only delivers superior performance but also enhances the elegance of any kitchen space.

Miele CM5310 Silence Superautomatic Espresso Machine

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Download Miele Cm5 User Manual PDF

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Before first use

Before using for the first time

  • Remove the protective film from the drip tray cover and place it into the lower panel.
  • Place the coffee machine on a level flat surface that is not sensitive to water (see “Installation”).
  • Insert the plug of the coffee machine into the socket.
  • Remove the water container and fill it with fresh, cold tap water. Only fill the container up to the “max.” mark and then reinsert the water container.
  • Take the lid off the coffee bean container, fill it with roasted coffee beans, and replace the lid.

Tip: The milk pipe can be stored behind the service panel when not in use.

Turning on for the first time

  • Tap the On/Off button 
    Miele - Willkommen appears briefly in the display.
  • Use the arrow buttons to highlight the required language. Tap OK. You might also be asked for your location. Your machine has been successfully set up and is ready for use.
  • Confirm with OK. The coffee machine heats up and rinses the pipework. The water used for rinsing will run out of the main dispenser.
  • Before preparing milk for the first time, rinse the milk pipework (see “Cleaning and care – Rinsing the milk pipework”).

Water hardness

Water hardness is an indication of the amount of minerals dissolved in water. The more minerals in the water, the higher the water hardness. The harder the water is, the more frequently the coffee machine needs to be descaled.

The coffee machine measures the amount of water used and steam made. Depending on the level of water hardness set, more or fewer drinks can be dispensed before the appliance needs to be descaled.

Program the coffee machine to the water hardness level of your area so that it functions correctly and does not get damaged. A prompt to descale the machine will then appear in the display at the correct time.

Your local water authority will be able to tell you the hardness of the water in your area.

The water hardness level is set to 3 at the factory.

The appliance has 4 programmable hardness levels:

Setting water hardness

  • Tap the menu sensor button.
  • Select Settings, Water hardness and confirm with OK.
  • Select the hardness level and confirm with OK. The setting is now saved.


Miele brings the same quality found in their wide range of appliances and other products to their espresso machines. Tools like full pot brewing and multiple user profiles that you can save your drinks to allow everyone in your household to get exactly the drink that they want quickly and easily. This means with just the press of a button, you can enjoy great tasting coffee, lattés, and more.

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