Quick Mill Alexia Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

First of all, thank you for your business! You are going to love your Alexia – it combines beauty, value, and great brewing for making the best espresso, cappuccino, and lattes you’ve ever tasted! These instructions include hints that will help you get started quickly.

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First-time Setup

  1. Remove water reservoir and rinse with clean water.
  2. Before filling reservoir with tap water, test water for hardness with test strips provided. Fill a glass with cold tap water, dip tip of test strip into water for one second, pull strip out of water and hold horizontally for 15 seconds, after fifteen seconds compare the color to the chart on the side of the package to determine how many grains of hardness is in your tap water. Acceptable hardness is 3 grains or less.
    Note: Should your hardness level exceed 3 grains, contact us to discuss your options in dealing with this problem.
  3. Fill reservoir with water being careful not to overfill. Return reservoir to the machine and insert silicone hoses back into the reservoir.
  4. Plug machine in, place a pitcher under the steam wand and open the steam valve, flip both the power switch and the pump switch on. Note: The power switch is the one farthest to the left and the pump switch is the one in the center.
  5. The pump should now be running and pulling water from the reservoir and filling the boiler. When water starts to come out of the steam wand flip the pump switch off and close the steam valve.
    Note: Pump switch is the one in the center. Your boiler is now full.
  6. Your machine should now be heating up. Be sure one of your portafilters is in the group while the machine is heating up, which ever one you want to brew coffee with first. It will take approximately 10 minutes for the boiler to reach temperature when the center heating light goes out.
  7. You are now ready to brew your first shot of espresso coffee.