Rancilio Classe 7 USB Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

The Classe 7 Commercial Espresso Machine is the result of Rancilio's decades-long dedication to crafting espresso machines that marry innovation with tradition. Designed to meet the demands of commercial settings while delivering exceptional performance and durability. This manual has been meticulously prepared to provide you with comprehensive guidance on operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting your espresso machine, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

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Dear Customer

First of all, we thank you for choosing RANCILIO.

We are confident that the product you have purchased will meet all your expectations. The coffee machine you are about to use is the outcome of extensive research and development. It is the most efficient, user-friendly and well designed machine of its kind.

This manual outlines the correct use and maintenance and will help you to get the best results from your machine. We hope you will find our explanations clear and we may continue to earn your business in the future.

The machines in the CLASSE 7 series have been designed to prepare espresso and other hot beverages for professional use.

Switch ON / OFF

Hold button D of the left group for 5 sec. to switch machine to stand-by. Wake up machine by pressing any button (Model USB).

  • Open water tap
  • Switch on main switch
  • Switch on boiler heating element
  • Switch on Cup warmer as required
  • Remove filter holder, knock it out and lock it again

Preparing coffee

  • Remove filter holder and knock it out
  • Use a filter for 1 or 2 coffees as required
  • Fill with coffee powder and tamp
  • Lock the filter holder into the group head
  • Put cup(s) under coffee outlet
  • Start preparation

Preparing hot water (tea)

  • Put cup under hot water spout
  • Press the hot water button
  • Wait for end of preparation

Preparing a large volume of hot water (Model USB)

  • Hold hot water button 3 sec.
  • Continuous preparations starts
  • Hot water button blinks
  • Press button again when desired amount is poured

Steam wand

  • Flush out residual steam condensate
  • Submerge steam wand in milk
  • Open steam tap progressively
  • Close steam tap when the desired temperature is reached
  • Remove product when finished
  • Purge and clean steam wand

Steam C-lever (optional)

  • Flush out residual steam condensate
  • Submerge steam wand in milk
  • Push down C-lever to pulse steam
  • Push up C-lever for continuous steam
  • Remove product when finished
  • Purge and clean steam wand

Daily Cleaning

  • Clean housing with damp cloth
  • Clean steam wand and hot water spout
  • Remove filter holders, unlock the filters, clean all parts
  • Brush the seals under the group head
  • Rinse with hot water to dissolve any coffee bean oil residue
  • Submerge steam wand in milk detergent
  • Remove cup-holder grid, clean drain outlet
  • Reattach cup-holder grid

Cleaning the Filter

  • Prepare solution in container
  • Immerse filter holder / unlocked filter in solution for at least 20 min.
  • Rinse filter holder / filter thoroughly under running water
  • Reattach filter holder, lock the filter holder into the group head

Automatic cleaning of the group heads (Model USB)

  • Hold button C at least 5 sec.
  • Insert blind filter disk
  • Add cleaning detergent for coffee machines
  • Lock the filter holder into the group head
  • Activate the cleaning phase with button C
  • Stops automatically
  • Remove filter holder with blind filter disk, rinse both under fresh water
  • Insert blind filter disk and lock filter holder again
  • Activate the rinsing phase with button C
  • Stops automatically

Adjusting the Dose

  • Push button E of the according group head for 10 sec.
  • Fill coffee into filter holder
  • Lock the filter holder, put cup under the group head
  • Press the button to be programmed
  • Press button again when desired amount is poured
  • Repeat steps 2 – 5 for each button
  • Push button E again to store new settings


Founded by Roberto Rancilio in 1927, Rancilio has long been an authority in the espresso world. The brewers and grinders built by this brand present a great starting point for a home espresso set up. Their home machines are easy to get started on, but with some practice and care you’ll be producing café quality beverages from the comfort of your kitchen.

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