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Setting up the Silvia with PID

  1. Set the machine on a level and stable surface.
  2. Fill the water tank to the max line.
  3. Insert both hoses into the water tank.
  4. Open the steam knob tap on the front of the machine and put a cup under the steam wand
  5. Switch coffee switch on (you can leave the coffee switch on all the time).
  6. Switch on the middle button (water button).
  7. Plug in the machine and switch on the main switch.
  8. Wait until you get at least two cups of water out of the steam wand, then close the steam knob tap and switch off the water button.

This process is pulling the water from the water tank to the machine’s boiler. This is a process that should be done after steam is used on the machine.

When you are ready to brew

  1. Now that the set up is complete and the boiler filled, you can engage the shot using the PID.
  2. With the main switch and the coffee switch on, use the second button from the left on the PID (it is the one that is right next to the set button). This should engage the pump and start the count down for the brew cycle. The brew cycle will automatically stop when the time counts down, or if you push the same button again, it will stop it short.

To manually start and stop the brew cycle without using the timer on the PID you can switch on the coffee button and then switch on the middle (water) button. This will start the brew, and then to manually stop the pump, switch off the middle button.

For further instructions please reference the included instructions for programming the PID, or give us a call at 866-372-4734.


Founded by Roberto Rancilio in 1927, Rancilio has long been an authority in the espresso world. The brewers and grinders built by this brand present a great starting point for a home espresso set up. Their home machines are easy to get started on, but with some practice and care you’ll be producing café quality beverages from the comfort of your kitchen.

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