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Locking the Container:
Before starting the appliance, fit the coffee bean container and attach the portafilter holder fork.

  • Insert the bean container into its seat so that the hole lines up.
  • Tighten the lock screw.
  • Place the portafilter holder fork onto the machine and fasten it with provided screws. Adjust the height if needed.

To set up the appliance before operating, determine the correct grind required for a perfect extraction.

  1. An espresso grind is very fine yet still granular.
  2. Only grind as much coffee as needed for the espresso you are about to prepare.
  3. Factors like temperature, humidity, and grinder burr wear affect the grind setting. You may need to adjust the grinder each morning for the best coffee.
  4. Ensure consistent dosing and tamping.
  5. Good extraction involves a 5 - 10 second delay before coffee pours. The pour should be thick, straight, and even with a dark brown or hazelnut color.
  6. Stop the pour before the color lightens and the pour begins to curl.
  7. If the flow is too fast, adjust the grind finer. If it's too slow, adjust coarser.
  8. Correct grind equals correct extraction equals correct flavor.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Plug in the machine and close the push tab at the bottom of the bean container.
  2. Fill the bean container with coffee beans.
  3. Press the power on button until it lights up.
  4. Pull the tab out slightly to allow bean passage.
  5. Place the portafilter onto the fork underneath the dispensing tunnel.
  6. Select the single or double dose on the LCD display.
  7. Dispensing/grinding stops after the preset time. To stop it sooner, press the corresponding key again.

Grind Setting:
Adjust the grinder using the adjusting knob. Rotate it clockwise to make the powder finer or counterclockwise to make it coarser. Grind some coffee into the portafilter and make a coffee to understand the setting's impact.

Appliance Setting:
Dispensing time for single and double coffee doses can be set. Continuous dispensing mode can be activated by pressing both cup images simultaneously.

Switching On Your Fausto:
When switching on for the first time, the appliance is configured to the factory mode. It will maintain the last mode used before switching off. The LCD screen displays the 'R' graphic for approximately 7.5 seconds.

Dose Dispensing and Setting Display:
Place the portafilter on the fork, select the desired cup image, and the coffee will be ground and dispensed. Pressing the plus and minus keys adjusts the grind time. Continuous mode is activated by pressing both cup images buttons simultaneously.

Dose Counter Zeroing:
Press both the plus and minus keys for more than 5 seconds to reset both dose counters to zero.

Function Block:
Press both plus and minus keys to block all functions except dose selection and dispensing start. Unlock by pressing both keys again.

Cleaning is essential for the proper functioning of the coffee grinder with a dosing unit. Before cleaning, ensure the appliance is unplugged. Clean the coffee bean container at least once a week to remove the oily residue left by the coffee beans, using a clean cloth. Check for old coffee trapped in the dispenser and brush it out to prevent changes in coffee taste and avoid a rancid flavor. Additionally, brush out any coffee from the burrs.

Maintenance should only be carried out by skilled personnel authorized by the manufacturer. Avoid improvised or precarious repairs and use only original spare parts. To ensure the appliance functions correctly, check and consider replacing the blades (burrs) every 350 kg of coffee ground for optimal performance.


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