Rocket Espresso R Nine One Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

The Rocket Espresso R Nine One Espresso Machine was designed and crafted with precision, and embodies the pinnacle of espresso brewing technology, allowing you to experience the art and science of espresso-making.

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This user manual has been meticulously prepared to guide you through the setup, operation, and maintenance of your R Nine One Espresso Machine. We want to ensure that you enjoy the finest espresso experience possible, and this manual is your comprehensive resource to help achieve that goal.

Machine Installation

  1. Ensure the machine is unpackaged and placed on a hard and stable surface near an adequate power supply.
  2. Remove the water reservoir cover and fill the reservoir with filtered water, pouring from a very clean water jug with a spout that is easy to pour from. Be careful to pour water into the water reservoir only (to remove the reservoir for cleaning see maintenance instructions). Replace the cover of the water reservoir. Rocket Espresso recommend the use of the Rocket Espresso water filter.
  3. Connect the machine to power supply that is rated in accordance with the serial plate on the espresso machine.
  4. Turn the on/off switch to the ‘on’ position ‘1’. Boiler water fill begins – you will hear the pump noise. Place the portafilter in the group.
  5. Allow 20 to 25 minutes warm up time. When the machine is ready the temperature will be displayed on screen 1 of the touch screen. The correct operating temperature and pressure should be +/- 92°C or 197.6°F displayed on the touch screen, with a service boiler pressure of +/- 1 bar.
  6. Place a cup underneath the group and turn the paddle to release a cup of hot water from the group - first time use only. Close the hot water by returning the paddle to the start position.

Pressure Profile Settings


6” – 4 Bar
18” - 9 Bar
6” - 5 Bar


8” - 4 Bar
22” – 9 Bar


20” – 9 Bar
10” – 5 Bar

All preset programs can be modified. Pressure profile D and E are available for programming.


Rocket Espresso
Rocket Espresso produces hand built espresso machines featuring classic elements of Italian design. With heated E61 groupheads that ensure even extraction, to elements like rotary pumps and PID controllers, Rocket Espresso machines are some of the most sophisticated on the market. These machines represent the closest you can get to bringing the Italian cafe to your countertop.

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