Rocket Giotto/Cellini Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

Please read this technical handbook carefully since it provides important information on the correct installation, use and maintenance of your coffee machine.

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Start Up

  1. Remove the cover from the water reservoir Fig. B-2 4
  2. Remove the water reservoir (Fig. B-2 and clean it carefully with food quality cleaning products. It’s very important that the water reservoir is always clean! Please repeat this operation every day and whenever necessary.
  3. Fill the water tank with fresh drinking water to just over full.
  4. Place the tank inside the machine taking care not to spill water.
  5. Put on the cover on top of the water reservoir.
  6. Plug in the machine.
  7. Turn the on/off switch (A-4) to the on position “1” and open the steam handle (A-1). Boiler water fill starts (you will hear the pump’s noise).
  8. When the boiler is properly filled with water, the pump will stop (=no more noise). Now close the steam handle (A-1).
  9. The heating up of the boiler water starts.
  10. Wait till the boiler pressure gauge (A-3) reads approximately 1 bar.
  11. Now open the steam handle (A-1) for 5 seconds to let out some steam. This operation is very important as it removes possible vacuum inside the boiler which will reflect in suction of milk inside the boiler itself once starting to steam milk. Close the steam handle (A-1) again.
  12. Wait until the boiler pressure gauge (A-3) reaches again 1 Bar. 13. Pull the lever (A-9) completely up.14. Allow a cup of water to come out of the coffee brewing group (A-6). 15. Pull the lever (A-9) completely down (water will stop flowing).


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