Saeco Intelia Deluxe Cappuccino Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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First installation

  1. Slide the drip tray with drip tray cover into the machine.
  2. Remove the water tank.
  3. Fill the water tank to the MAX level with fresh water.
  4. Fill the coffee bean hopper with coffee beans.
  5. Insert the small plug into the socket located on the back of the machine. Insert the power plug into the electrical outlet.
  6. Place a container under the hot water/steam dispensing spout.
  7. Press the STANDBY button.
  8. Press the OK button to start the automatic circuit priming cycle.- The machine performs an automatic rinsing cycle.
  9. Remove the water tank from the machine and empty it.
  10. Fill the water tank with fresh water and place it back into the machine.
  11. Continue with the next step: the manual rinsing cycle.


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