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Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips!  In the user manual you will find all the information you need to install, use, clean and descale your appliance. In case you need further support, please contact the toll free Philips consumer care help line. You can find the phone number on the last page of the manual.

Machine Location - Suitable Location for Operation and Maintenance 

For best use, it is recommended to: 

• Choose a safe, level surface, where there will be no danger of overturning the appliance or being injured; 

• Choose a location that is sufficiently well-lit, clean and near an easily reachable socket; 

• Provide for a minimum distance from the sides of the machine as shown in the illustration; 

• While switching on or off the machine, we suggest placing an empty glass under the dispensing spout. Do not keep the machine at temperatures below 0°C. Frost may damage the machine. Do not use the coffee machine outdoors. In order to prevent its housing from melting or being damaged, do not place the machine on very hot surfaces and close to open flames.

Cleaning and Storing the Machine 

Keep the machine at its best, clean and store it properly. Since the machine uses natural ingredients to brew beverages (coffee beans, water, milk, etc.), some residues of ground coffee or condensed water could be present on its supporting surface. For this reason we recommend to periodically clean both the visible parts of the machine and the area beneath it. Before storing the machine we strongly recommend to clean it: - Water left in the tank and/or the water circuit for several days should not be consumed. If the machine is going to remain inactive for a long time, dispense water from the steam wand and carefully clean the Pannarello (if supplied). - Turn off the power button and clean the machine. Finally, remove the plug from the socket. Wait for the machine to cool down. 

First Use Instructions:

Remove the drip tray with cup holder grill and the coffee machine from the packaging.

1. Put the drip tray with the grill into place on the machine, ensuring it's fully inserted. Only plug it in when told, with the power off.
2. Never remove the drip tray while the machine is on. Wait a couple of minutes after turning it on or off for a rinse/self-cleaning cycle.
3. Take out the water tank, rinse it, fill it with fresh water up to the MAX level, and put it back in securely.
4. Remove the lid of the coffee bean hopper.
5. Carefully pour coffee beans into the hopper. Only use coffee beans to avoid damaging the machine.
6. Put the hopper lid back on.
7. Plug the machine into the socket.
8. Plug the other end of the cable into a suitable wall socket.
9. Turn the power button to "I" to switch on the machine.
10. Press the power button to start priming the circuit. This clears any remaining water in the system.
11. Follow the on-screen instructions for priming the water circuit, which involves letting water out through the Pannarello.
12. Once priming is done, the machine will warm up and then rinse the internal circuits.
13. When everything is done, the machine is ready to brew beverages. Follow the provided instructions for brewing coffee or using hot water/steam.
14. After automatic priming, the machine will automatically rinse/clean the circuit with fresh water under various conditions (startup, standby, etc.). It's recommended to let this cycle finish automatically.


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