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Getting Started

  • Remove the espresso maker from the packaging and position it in a suitable location that meets the requirements specified and described in the safety standards (chap.3).
  • Make sure that the drip tray (Fig.01, pos. 13), the coffee grounds drawer (11) and the coffee dispenser (18) are fitted correctly and that the front cover (16) is closed.
  • Keep the cleaning brush (21) and the key of the coffee dispenser (20) handy, which were supplied with the appliance.

Preparing the Italia for use

  • Open the water tank cover and remove the tank (Fig.02) using the built-in handle. Rinse and fill the tank with fresh, cold water (Fig.03); we recommend that you do not exceed the “MAX” level mark. Replace the water tank in its housing (Fig.04) and reposition the cover on its original position.
  • Lift the coffee bean container cover (Fig.05).
  • Pour whole bean coffee in the container (Fig.06).
  • Close the container cover.
  • Insert the plug into a suitable wall outlet after making sure that the ON/OFF switch (8) is in the OFF position.
  • When not in use, keep the ON/OFF switch of the appliance in the OFF position. To switch ON the espresso maker, simply press the switch (Fig.07) located on the back of the machine. The brew buttons (24) & (25) start flashing on the control panel.

Priming the Pump

  • To prime the pump, direct the steam wand (Fig.01, item 15) towards the drip tray or place a cup under the steam wand.
  • Turn the knob counter clockwise (Fig.08). Wait for water to flow regularly from the steam wand. Shut off the flow by turning the steam knob clockwise.
  • After switching ON the espresso maker, the espresso shot & long shot buttons flash simultaneously during the heating phase. Once the heating phase is finished, they will emit a fixed light. This takes about 2 minutes.
  • The Italia is ready for use.


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