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First Installation

For your initial setup, carefully follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the separate quick start guide to ensure proper installation.

  • Note: During the first installation, it's important to be aware that despite thorough cleaning, there might still be some residual coffee from testing. Rest assured, however, that your machine is brand new and ready for use.
  • Note: If you decide not to install the AquaClean filter during the initial setup, don't worry. You can easily install it later through the menu options. Detailed instructions are provided in the quick start guide.

AquaClean Filter

The AquaClean filter is a key component designed to enhance your coffee experience by reducing limescale deposits in your machine and ensuring each cup is bursting with flavor.

  • By using a series of 8 AquaClean filters, you can prolong the time between descaling sessions for up to an impressive 5000 cups of coffee.
  • Before installing the AquaClean filter, it's crucial to ensure that your machine is entirely free from any limescale buildup. If you missed the opportunity to activate the filter during your initial setup, you'll need to descale the machine before proceeding with filter activation.

Activating the AquaClean Filter

Ensuring that the AquaClean filter is activated is a simple yet essential step to keep track of filter usage and maintenance needs.

  • Be sure to confirm filter activation in the machine menu as directed. This step should also be repeated each time you replace the AquaClean filter to maintain accurate monitoring.
  • By activating the AquaClean filter in the machine menu, you enable the machine to track the number of filters used. Once you've used up 8 filters, the machine will prompt you to descale it, ensuring optimal performance.

Replacing the AquaClean Filter

Regular replacement of the AquaClean filter is crucial for maintaining the quality of your coffee and the performance of your machine.

  • Monitor the filter's capacity and replace it promptly when it drops to 0% and the filter icon begins flashing rapidly.
  • Even if your machine hasn't signaled the need for replacement, it's recommended to replace the filter every 3 months to ensure consistent performance. Consider purchasing a new filter when the capacity drops to 10% to ensure you have one on hand when needed.
  • Detailed steps for replacing and activating the new filter can be found in the quick start guide.

Replacing the AquaClean Filter after 8 Uses

When the time comes to replace your AquaClean filter after 8 uses, follow these steps:

  • Access the menu to replace the filter when the filter icon starts flashing.
  • Depending on the machine's status, you may need to perform a descaling procedure before activating the new filter. Detailed instructions are provided in the manual.

Control Panel and Display

Navigating your machine's control panel and display is straightforward and intuitive, designed to make your coffee-making experience seamless and enjoyable.

  • Take advantage of the one-touch beverage buttons for quick and easy access to your favorite drinks.
  • Utilize the navigation buttons to explore menu options and customize settings to your preferences.
  • The MENU button provides access to additional settings, including language preferences, display contrast, coffee temperature, stand-by time, and more.

Frothing Milk

  • Use cold milk with at least 3% protein for optimal frothing.
  • Insert suction tube and press the MILK FROTH button to start frothing.

Hot Water

  • Use caution when dispensing hot water.
  • Press the HOT WATER button to start dispensing, and press OK to stop.


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