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Filling the water tank

  • Lift and remove the water tank lid (7).
  • Remove the water tank (8) using the handle provided on the inside.
  • Rinse and fill it with filtered water, taking care not to overfill.
  • Replace the tank; press down firmly. Replace the lid (7).

For best results, only use cold, filtered water to fill the tank. Never use sparkling water. The quality and filtration of the water to fill the tank will affect the final flavor of the espresso. Hot water or any other liquid may damage the tank. Do not turn on the machine without water in the tank; always make sure there is enough water in the tank.

Priming the water circuit

The machine’s water circuit must be primed in the following cases: before using the machine, for the first time out of the box, or after long periods of inactivity, and when the water tank becomes empty.

The machine indicates the need to prime the water circuit when the water light is blinking (24).

  • Press the main power button (15). The button lights will start blinking slowly. This means the machine is warming up. The blinking will stop when the machine is warmed up and ready to use.
  • Place a container below the steam wand. Open the hot water/steam wand by turning the knob (6) clockwise all the way.
  • Wait until the water light (24) stops blinking.
  • Close the hot water/steam wand, by rotating the knob (6) counter-clockwise all the way.
  • The machine has been primed when the water light (24) shuts off.
  • Remove and empty the container.

The machine will give best performance if the unit is allowed to fully heat up prior to pulling a shot of espresso. For best results when making espresso, you will need to preheat the portafilter. A preheated portafilter will result in warmer coffee and will help retain the espresso’s flavourful taste.

  • Insert the portafilter into the machine without coffee, and place a cup beneath the portafilter. (Fig. H)
  • Press the coffee button (17). Allow the machine to dispense water through the portafilter.
  • We suggest you dispense a couple of shots of water through the portafilter to heat it up to the optimal temperature.
  • When not brewing a cup of espresso, leave the cleaned portafilter attached to the machine. This will ensure the portafilter remains preheated.

The machine is now ready to dispense espresso and steam; please see related sections for operating details.

NOTE: The temperature gauge is a general indicator of the machine temperature. When the machine is warming up, the coffee lights (18 and 20) will blink. The machine is warmed up and ready to use when the coffee lights remain fixed. Even if the temperature gauge is in the green area, the machine is ready to use only when the coffee lights remain fixed.


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