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Thank you for purchasing Seattle Coffee Gear's Via Venezia Tune-Up Kit! This kit provides everything you need for regular machine maintenance. The included detailed instructions, replacement parts, and cleaning supplies will keep your machine at its peak performance. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our crew at 866.372.4734 or

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Required Tools:

Phillips #2 Screwdriver and either A: a flathead screwdriver 7/8” head or B: a nickel and a pair of pliers

Included Parts:

Brew head screen and screw, brew head gasket, boiler ball valve and valve spring, 2 packets Dezcal, Descaling Guide


Tip: It may be easiest to remove your water tank and drip tray, then turn your entire machine upside down to access your brew head.

  1. Access the brew screen
    On the underside of the brew head, remove the Phillips screw located in the middle of the brew head screen. This will remove the brew head screen and also expose the brew head bushing.
  2. Access the valve spring and ball valve
    Remove the brew head bushing, which is a threaded hollow cylinder that houses the boiler ball valve and the boiler valve spring. Flathead channels for its removal are separated by the brew head screen screw hole.
    If your flathead screwdriver is wide enough to fit into both channels simultaneously, remove the bushing as if it were a screw.
    If your flathead is not wide enough, use a nickel and a pair of pliers. The nickel is used to fit into both channels, and the pliers provide turning leverage on the nickel to unscrew the bushing.
  3. Install new valve spring and ball valve
    Remove the old boiler ball valve and valve spring from the bushing, and install the new valve and spring. Note: If the new parts have separated, simply insert the ball valve into the spring until the top of the spring is up against the bottom half of the ball valve.
    Ensure the ball valve is coming out of the top of the bushing, and that the bottom of the spring is freely sitting on the inside of the bushing. Screw the bushing back into the brew head, with the ball valve and valve spring enclosed.
    Tip: You will need to compress the spring a little bit when screwing the bushing back in to the brew head to ensure that the threads are meeting up accurately.
  4. Replace the brew head gasket
    The brew head gasket relies completely on friction to stay in place so it takes a little elbow grease to remove it.
    Place your flathead screwdriver in between the outside edge of the gasket and the inside edge of the brew head, then pry it down. Do this around the entire gasket and slowly work it down off of the brew head, being aware the gasket may tear during removal.
    Once the old gasket has been removed, thoroughly clean the area with a damp papertowel to remove any coffee residue.
    When installing the new gasket, make sure the larger side faces the top of the machine. Your portafilter will make contact with the smaller side of the gasket.
  5. Install brew screen
    Simply hold the new brew screen in place while securing with the included screw.
  6. Descale your machine
    Please refer to the Descaling Guide for detailed instructions on using Dezcal


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