Saeco Vienna Plus Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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Turning on the Machine for the First Time

  • The main power button is switched to -0-. Press the button to turn on the machine. The light on the control panel will turn on.

Coffee Grinder

  • The quality and flavour of coffee depend on the grind, as well as on the blend used. The machine has a knob to adjust the coffee grind. Turn the knob when the grinder is working to adjust the grind. The digits on the knob indicate the grind.

  • The manufacturer configures each appliance on an intermediate grind setting: if the grind is too fine, rotate the knob to a higher setting; if the grind is too coarse, turn the knob to a lower setting. The variation in grind will only be seen when three/four coffees have been brewed.

Coffee Brewing

  • Place 1 or 2 cups beneath the dispensing spout. You may adjust the height
    of the dispensing spout to your cups.

  • Adjust the desired quantity of coffee to be brewed by means of the knob: by turning the knob clockwise the quantity of coffee to be brewed is increased; by turning the knob counterclockwise the quantity of coffee to be brewed is decreased.

  • Press the button to brew coffee. The brewing cycle starts: press the button once to brew 1 coffee. Press it twice to brew 2 coffees.


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