Saeco Xsmall Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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The coffee machine is suitable for preparing espresso coffees using whole coffee beans and is equipped with a device to dispense steam and hot water. The machine is designed for domestic use and is not suitable for heavy or professional use.

Machine Location - Suitable Location for Operation and Maintenance 

For best use, it is recommended to: 

• Choose a safe, level surface, where there will be no danger of overturning it or being injured. 

• Choose a location that is sufficiently well-lit, clean and near an easily reachable socket. 

• Allow for a minimum distance from the sides of the machine as shown in the illustration; 

• During machine turning on/off , it is recommended to place an empty glass under the dispensing spout. Do not keep the machine at a temperature below 0°C (32°F). Frost may damage the machine. Do not use the coff ee machine outdoors. In order to prevent its housing from melting or being damaged, do not place the machine on very hot surfaces or close to open flames. 

Storing the Machine 

Cleaning Before cleaning the machine, turn it off by pressing the ON/OFF button, then remove the plug from the socket. Wait for the machine to cool down. Never immerse the machine in water! It is strictly forbidden to tamper with the internal parts of the machine. Water left in the tank for several days should not be consumed. Wash the tank and fi ll it with fresh drinking water. If the machine is to remain inactive for a long time, dispense water from the steam wand, and carefully clean the Pannarello (if supplied), then turn it off and unplug it. Store it in a dry place, out of the reach of children. Keep it protected from dust and dirt. 

Repairs / Maintenance 

In case of failure, problems or a suspected fault resulting from the falling of the machine, immediately remove the plug from the socket. Never attempt to operate a faulty machine. Servicing and repairs may only be carried out by authorized service centers. All liability for damages resulting from work not carried out by professionals is declined.


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