Silvia PID Manufacture Year Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

Identify the manufacture year of Rancilio Silvia.

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Identify the Manufacture Year of Rancilio Silvia.

1. By the manufacture date.

The product identification label of the Rancilio Silvia can be found in two possible places. For older machine, it is at the bottom of the espresso machine that you need to flip over the machine to read it. You need to remove water tank and dripping tray to prevent spilling of water. For the newer machine, it is on the top surface of bottom plate. You can read it by removing the dripping tray. The manufacture date of Silvia is printed in the last row of the label. If it says 0506, it means it is made on May 2006.

2. Differentiate machine by serial number.

Based on the 4 machines we have, here is what I believe how the serial number relays to the manufacturing year. All machine made since 2000 has a serial number with 8 digits and starts with 6. The fourth number from left represents the year it is manufactured. e. g. serial number 60078720 indicates the machine is made in 2007.

3. Differentiate the machine by look.

It is very easy to differentiate the machine made after Aug. 2006 from machine made before that by looking at the hole pattern on the dripping try. The old machine has uniform hole distribution as show in the picture of the kit with screw sensor. The new machine has very different pattern as shown in the deluxe kit. In addition, the shape of the group heat is very different. It is a tapered cone shape for the new machine. It is a thinner and straight cylinder shape for the old machine. There is no reliable way to tell the machine made before 2000 from machine made between 2000 and July of 2006 by appearance. You need to use the serial number. Machine made in April 2000 does not have the hole. Machine made in May, 2000 has.


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