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  • Your Scala coffee grinder is equipped with hardened stainless steel conical burrs and can effortlessly grind entire coffee beans to suit all the possible ways of preparing coffee, from the finest grind setting (Fine) for real espresso, to the coarsest grind setting (Coarse) for a coffee from a French press or for filter coffee.
  • The quantity of ground coffee is controlled by an electronic timer. The quantity can be adjusted specifically by turning the Timer control on the side and defines how long the grinder is in operation. On setting 10 the grinder grinds for 60 seconds, on setting 5 it grinds for 30 seconds etc.
  • You will need a different grind setting for each type of preparation, depending on whether you are preparing your espresso using an espresso machine or in an espresso maker, or you are preparing your coffee in a French press or a classic filter coffee machine. Each type of preparation requires a different grind for the optimal extraction of the coffee. With your Solis Scala you can choose from a large number of grinds to suit your taste. By turning the bean container it is possible to set a total of 24 different grinds.


  • Align the two lobes on the bean container with the slots on the container mounting or on the inside of the grind selector and press the bean container onto the appliance to the stop. The lug on the base of the bean container is over the mark on the right beside “Coarse“.
  • Turn the bean container clockwise (to the right) to lock the container to the grinder. On turning the bean container you will hear slight “clicking“ noises if the bean container is locked to the grinder and has been turned to the grind setting.
  • Important: Check whether the bean container is sitting straight on the grind selector and press the bean container onto the housing to the stop. Only then turn to the right. If it is not possible to press the bean container down to the stop, check whether both lobes in the outermost ring on the bean container are in the mounting in the middle of the slots. Only then is it possible to fit and lock the bean container.


  • You can set the grind in the range of graduations and numbers from “Fine“ to “Coarse“. If you hear a slight “clicking“ sound, the bean container is in the range for the grind setting. Turn the bean container counter-clockwise or clockwise until the small arrow on the bottom of the bean container is over the required number/graduation on the grind selector. The higher the number, the coarser the grinding.
  • For espresso coffee machines you need a fine grind (low number), for filter coffee machines a medium grind, for a French press a coarse grind (high number).
  • Depending on the type of coffee beans, hardly any or only very little coffee may be ground if you select a very low grind (Fine). In this situation, select a coarser grind until the beans are ground and ground coffee is discharged. The “Fine“ setting should be adequate for a good espresso.
  • Attention: We recommend setting the grind before there are any coffee beans in the appliance. If the appliance is already filled with coffee beans, the grind is only allowed to be changed with the motor running. Note that a small quantity of ground coffee will be discharged before the required grind is achieved.


  • Now add the coffee beans to the container and fit the lid.
  • Important: If you want to remove the bean container from the appliance again, you must first empty the beans. Only then turn the bean container counter-clockwise to the unlocking zone until the lug on the base of the bean container is over the “Coarse“ mark on the right and lift it off upward.


  • Select the quantity of ground coffee required by turning the Timer control. The longer the time or the higher the number, the longer the appliance will grind and the greater the quantity of ground coffee. The shorter the time or the lower the number is, the less time the appliance will grind and the smaller the quantity of ground coffee. The maximum time that can be set is 60 seconds (setting 10).
  • Note: Make sure you turn the Timer control only to position 10 as a maximum. There you will notice a stop that must not be passed by applying force; this action would damage the timer. The costs that would be incurred for a repair are not covered by the guarantee.
  • Attention: Please ensure the ground coffee container is never overfilled. Depending on the grind set, this may occur already if the Timer control is set to setting 5. With a full ground coffee container, the build-up of ground coffee will cause the grinder to clog and the motor to overheat. If the Max mark on the ground coffee container is reached, immediately press the Start/Stop button and empty the ground coffee container before you start the grinding process again.


  • Press the Start/Stop button and the grinding process starts. After the time set has elapsed, the appliance shuts down automatically.
  • To interrupt the grinding process manually, you can press the Start/Stop button at any time.
  • Attention: Never overfill the ground coffee container! As soon as the Max mark is reached, press the Start/Stop button and empty the container. On this issue, see the explanations at the end of step 1.


  • Carefully pull the ground coffee container out of the appliance. The lid and the built-in ion generator prevent ground coffee from escaping. Carefully remove the lid and transfer the ground coffee to another container.


Solis espresso machines and grinders offer two perfect puzzle pieces for your home brewing setup. On one hand, the Solis Perfetta espresso machine is a fantastic way to start (or upgrade) your home espresso setup. This powerful, adaptable espresso machine is full of high quality features you'd normally expect to find on more expensive machines, including pressurized and non-pressurized portafilter options. The Solis Scala coffee grinder is a great entry level grinder perfect for drip brewing and pour over. On the low end of its grind scale, the Scala can grind fine enough for pressurized espresso, which makes it a great first grinder as you discover your favorite way to brew.

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Founded in Switzerland in 1908, Solis has made a range of home appliances and electronics over their long history. From heating pads to hair dryers, Solis’ design sensibilities drive their approachable and affordable products. In the 1950s, Solis introduced some of their products to the US market, and we’re excited to bring their espresso machines and grinders to our customers. At Seattle Coffee Gear, we pride ourselves on bringing you exceptional coffee equipment, and we’re confident that you’ll find that Solis’ consistent and easy to use coffee grinders and espresso machines live up to that high standard.
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