Technivorm Moccamaster Brewer Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

The Technivorm Moccamaster Coffeemaker’s advanced brewing technique has earned certifications from the Specialty Coffee Associations of America and Europe (SCAA & SCAE) as well as the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC) Seal of Approval.

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Directions for Use

  1. Power switch should be in the off position.
  2. Position 9-hole outlet arm as shown in the diagram.
    Attach snuggly to the silicone gasket at the top of the cool water reservoir.
  3. Fill cool water reservoir to the desired level, with fresh filtered or bottled cool water. replace cool water reservoir lid.
    Reservoir is marked with the number of European cups: 4 oz. each.
  4. Place filter in brew-basket.
    Place a standard #4 white paper filter into the brew-basket.
  5. Add the appropriate amount of coffee.
    For a full 10 cups, we recommend 6 level scoops (2 Tbsp each).
    The SCAA approved industry standard for the perfect cup is 2 tablespoons to every 6 oz. of water.
    We caution against the use of a gold mesh reusable filter; they tend to retain coffee oils and clog very quickly, resulting in an overflow of the brew-basket and filter.
  6. Place brew-basket on bracket, position outlet arm over center of brew-basket.
    For manual adjust brew-basket models, adjust slide to open position.
    Caution: Brew-basket will overflow in a closed position. · Replace brew-basket lid. 
    Caution: scalding may occur if any of these parts are removed during brew cycle.
  7. Carafe placement:
    Place the glass carafe, with lid, on the hot-plate.
    Place thermal carafe, with the “brew-thru-lid” in brew position beneath the brew-basket bracket. (Carafe should be placed to depress the white button). We recommend warming the thermal carafe with hot water before use.
  8. Switch the power switch to the “on” position.
    Thermal carafe model: The orange light will illuminate when the thermal carafe is placed properly against the white button.
    Glass carafe models with a hot-plate adjustable switch: Set hot-plate switch to the HI position,  lower when pot reaches ½ full, or if you prefer a less warm holding temperature.
  9. The brew process will quickly begin; water will be brought to a boil, rising through the brewer across the outlet arm and into the brew-basket. brew process is complete in 4 – 6 minutes.
  10. We recommend disposing of coffee grounds once brew cycle is complete.
    For models with adjustable brew-baskets: Move the slide to closed position prior to emptying. 11. the brewer should be switched off after use.
    Thermal carafe models: The heating element is not receiving power unless the water reservoir is full, engaging the flow-switch, and the white button is depressed; the only power consumption is at the power switch itself, resulting in a very energy-efficient brewer.
    Glass carafe models: Should be turned off when hot-plate use is no longer desired. Optional Auto-off models will automatically shut off in 100 minutes.

Now enjoy a perfect cup of coffee, brewed to industry standards with your new technivorm Moccamaster!

Coffee tastes best immediately after brewing!


Every Technivorm is hand built in Holland using the same proven techniques that the company has been perfecting for 50 years. Technivorms are more than just their look and the coffee they brew. These machines last decades, built with high quality parts to an exacting standard. From highly accurate temperature control to a range of size and carafe type options, we’re sure there’s a perfect Technivorm for you.

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