Technivorm Moccamaster KB741 Product User Manuals & Instructions PDF

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Directions for use

  1. Fill the watercontainer to the required level with cold water (the marks show the nr. of cups).
  2. Place a nr.4 filter paper in the filter holder. Fill it with the required amount of coffee and shake it level. For 10 cups, use 5 or 6 spoons of coffee. For fewer cups, use proportionally more coffee.
  3. Place completed filter holder on the filter bracket, turn chromium outlet pipe over centre of filter holder and place the lids of cold water container and filte rholder. Place the jug with mixing lid on the hotplate. Caution: Scalding may occur if any of these parts are removed during brewing cycles.
  4. Always switch the hotplate to the extra hot position
  5. Switch the machine on by means of the ON switch.
  6. The water will now be brought gradually to the boil and will start to pass through. The hotplate under the jug is also switched on now.
  7. As soon as the brewing process is ready, you can take the jug from the hotplate. The filterholder can remain on the filterbracket. The mixinglid on the jug makes stirring of the coffee before serving unnecessary.
  8. The filter holder can be closed should you wish to serve a cup of coffee before the filter process is completely ended.
  9. Coffee tastes best immediately after it has been made. Do not wait too long before serving. Immediately after serving replace the jug on the hotplate. For keeping smaller quantities switch off the extra hot switch.
  10. The machine should be switched off after use.

Daily maintenance of the coffeemaker

Clean the machine regularly with a moisty cloth and wipe dry afterwards. After use, clean the the jug and filterholder in hot water and your usual detergent. Rinse thoroughly in hot water. Never place the machine in a liquid entirely or partly, nor use a very wet cloth.


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