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Value, Simplicity, Quality

The Philips 1200 Carina offers an unparalleled combination of value, performance, and ease of use. From the ability to explore a world of whole bean coffee, to simple and effective maintenance guides and AquaClean filtration, to the wide array of drinks it can produce, the Seattle Coffee Gear Exclusive Carina is the ultimate value proposition in home coffee equipment. Shift your coffee paradigm today with the Philips 1200 Carina.

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Best In Class Value

Are you one of the millions of people who stops every morning on the way to work at a coffee shop chain to grab a latte or americano? What if you could simplify that process and save money at the same time? The Philips 1200 Carina is the answer. With the best price point in its category, the Carina pays for itself in as little as 3 months if you’re a regular coffee shop customer*. Compared to capsule espresso machines, the Carina is as much as half as expensive to use and operate, without being restricted to whatever capsules you can find.

*Based on 2 lattes per day at $3.95 per latte

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Ease of Use

Pulling shots and steaming milk can be a daunting task to master. With ratios, dialing in grinders, and shot volume all playing into the equation. With the Carina all you need do is add whole bean coffee, work through an easy grinder setting process, and then brew and steam with just a few presses of a button. From lattes and cappuccinos to americanos and flat whites, you’ll have a cafe at your fingertips. With more flexibility than a capsule machine, and operation that’s just as simple, there’s no comparison.

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Simple Maintenance

One of the most important parts of owning an espresso machine is cleaning and maintenance. Remembering to backflush and descale your machine can be a challenge, but not with the Carina. Philips’ AquaClean filtration system helps you control the water that goes into your machine, and water quality is key to keeping your machine brewing for years to come. With simple reminders to change your filter and descale your machine, combined with an easy, step-by-step process, maintaining the Carina is as easy as using it.

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Earth Friendly and Adventure Ready

There’s a whole world of coffee out there to enjoy, so why limit yourself to capsules? With the Philips 1200 Carina, you’ll be able to explore all of the best of what the coffee world has to offer. Plus, you’ll be cutting through the waste of tossing multiple plastic capsules per day in the trash. Plot your next coffee adventure with the Carina, and reduce your waste while you do it.

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