Black & White Coffee Roasters - The Natural

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Black & White Coffee Roasters - The Natural

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Chocolate, Berries, Balanced
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About Black & White Coffee Roasters - The Natural

A simple offering that provides a great look at the flavor profile of natural coffees, this blend from B&W combines a natural Colombian bean with a washed Ethiopian for a bit of balance. This is an interesting approach to introducing coffee drinkers to natural process flavors, and we love it. The result is a medium roast with notes of red fruit and chocolate. This one shines as a pour over, but thanks to that bit of balance it really is appropriate for a wide range of different brew methods.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz


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Black & White Roasters take a simple approach to developing their roasts - coffee should taste good no matter how you brew it. The result is quality coffee that is approachable and accessible. In starting the company, B&W cites creating opportunities for coffee professionals, and making specialty coffee more approachable as inspirations. We love this approach to helping everyone enjoy a delicious brew, and it aligns with our goal of bringing our customers the very best coffee. B&W’s accessible, simple signature blends exemplify their approach to roasting. Check out the Original for a taste of B&W’s core profile. The Natural will give you their take on natural process beans. The Traditional provides some classic coffee flavors, and finally, the Future provides a look towards some of B&W’s more complex, experimental ideas. We think you’ll love these delicious coffees, we certainly do.

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