Camber Coffee - Moonrise Blend

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Blackberry, Honey, Lychee
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About Camber Coffee - Moonrise Blend

Camber’s Moonrise blend is a creamy, just sweet enough blend that’ll have your taste buds humming through long nights and impossible odds! With notes of honey, lychee, and blackberry, this is a blend that’s palate pleasing and easy to drink. Enjoyable in a variety of brew methods.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz


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Camber Coffee

Camber Coffee

Camber says they are "in pursuit of sweetness, complexity and balance." This is a great description of what their roasts offer as well. Based in Bellingham WA, Camber's approach to roasting creates a line of wonderful roasts with carefully constructed flavor profiles. These roasts tend to feature a hint of sweetness along with complexity that doesn't sacrifice approachability. With a constant commitment to refinement and quality, Camber is sure to offer something you'll love. We’re proud to partner with Camber here at Seattle Coffee Gear.

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