Coffee Manufactory - 00 Decaf

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Milk Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon
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About Coffee Manufactory - 00 Decaf

The affectionately dubbed 'sugar cane' decaffeination method is fast-becoming a favorite for roasters and coffee drinkers alike – it preserves all those subtle flickers of delicious honey, caramel sweetness we love in Colombian coffee and results in top-quality brews. This one is roasted a little lighter to enhance fruity boysenberry and citrus tones, perfect for a refreshing after-dinner cup!

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz
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Coffee Manufactory

Coffee Manufactory

Coffee Manufactory aims to make the world a little smaller by bringing coffee drinkers closer to farms, farms closer to roasters, and roasters closer to baristas. With a focus on maintaining the human element of the sourcing relationship, Coffee Manufactory envisions a future steeped in balanced and clean cups of coffee and coffee relationships both.

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